Toys "R" Us PS3/Wii pre-orders Sunday

Those unlucky souls who missed out on getting their next-gen system pre-orders at Gamestop will have another chance to throw money at a large, multinational corporation this weekend. Toys "R" Us will be taking pre-orders for the PS3 and Wii for $50 down starting on Sunday, Oct. 29.

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speed4471d ago

To bust out your lawn chair and blankets...

ScorpioKyle4471d ago

will probably have a bunch of wii preorders, but i'm willing to guess 4-6 ps3 preorders. well i'll find out soon at work.

Asylumchild4471d ago

I called and was told only 15 hmmm i camped out when there was only 21 360 is the campout worth the pre order if im gunna camp out it might as well just be to get the console hmmmmm ill just get there at 5am that should give me enoph time