Why The Xbox One Should Not Require Kinect

Gameolosophy: "The Xbox One will launch later this year in November- not so far away, and it requires the Kinect attachment to always be on in order for it to be operational. There are many reasons why gamers prefer a Kinect free Xbox One, here I will list and explain three major reasons."

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Kingthrash3603711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

thos are the top 3 complaints I see people talking about too. not all but some want it and dont mind the price/surveillance and want motion gaming.
my opinion is I believe it should be a choice. I never owned a Kinect ive seen it in action and it looked cool but I dont like to get up and dance or move around lookin like a idiot. gameing to me is a relaxing stress reliever. give me a beer, a blunt, a couch/recliner, and a controller and im in heaven. if im too lazy to press the on button on the controller then id buy a Kinect...but im not and wouldnt spend $100 just for that..I know I does more than that but thats all id do with it...my recliner is too comfortable my beer is too cold and my blunt is too fire for me to be getting up doing motion controlled games.

oh and skype.....thats what else it does!....but so does my laptop. id rather play games and talk on the mic than to try and look at two screens simultaneously. I know to see the expression on a noobs face before he rage quits would be awsome...still not worth $100+ tax

green3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I made this comment in an earlier tread but I think this fits well hear. I don't understand why everyone wants the XBOX One to be a PS4?

I am happy with their reversal of their policies but i believe getting rid of Kinect is a huge mistake. Leaving it there means that developers will use it and don't have to worry about fragmenting their user base and also makes all three consoles have their own identity.

PS4 - The more traditional gaming input
Xbox - comes with a natural user input device
Wii U- gamepad with big screen

iamnsuperman3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Microsoft shouldn't now as their console has been designed with the kinect's cost burden in mind. Now should they have developed the One without the kinect in mind? Definitely.

The kinect isn't a gaming device and with the One it has been relegated to UI stuff and party games. A lot of what the kinect offers can be done cheaply with other stuff but Microsoft is obsessed with trying to get it to work with gaming. Things like voice commands can be done without the kinect as it is software that makes that. Is kinect really earning its keep with being relegated to UI stuff? No if the consumer is the one paying for it

RyuCloudStrife3711d ago

I agree 100%. It should be made optional as it is now... you buy it if you want to use the Kinect.

3711d ago
BallsEye3711d ago

Kinect is a great piece of tech and hopefully it will be implemented in a cool way to core games and apps. The whole console is built around it and people have to stop crying like little girls about it. Don't like it and want to stay traditional? Buy ps4, it's great. Wan't to try something different? Buy Xbox one. Stop whining people! No one forces you to buy it!

Kingthrash3603711d ago

@edonus & balls
smh....it's just crazy. whos crying sept you guys? whos making excuses....you guys.
lets get something straight...I never said ps4 or sony. so clearly you guys are petty fanboys who know that the ps4 is in a better place right now...costing so little but so much more powerful...and that it also has a Kinect like feature that they, if they wanted to match the x1 could. clearly its ms playing catch up and yall fanboys are scrambling to protect it, blind to the fact that that after kinect was introduced and released on 360 no real games came out for it or the 360 other than the normal halo/gears combo that didnt even put the thing to use.
Also name me the game that the Kinect changed the industry with..............im waiting.......none. yeah I know. tge Kinect and the Move were ms and sonys answer to the wii. both didn't see the success that the wii did. its just a gimmick and like all gimmicks shouldnt be forced on those who dont want it.....just bundle the thing. voice commands=gimmck...** girlfriend walks in room says " xbox off" and bam, she just won** xbox this, xbox that...no thanks. just give me the choice.....ffffffffuuuuuuuuu the console war talk fanboys. its about customer preferences. many more people would buy the x1 if it didnt force the Kinect on you so tuff. im not crying....im just not buying. not for a year at by then maybe they would have a Kinect free box or maybe the Kinect will actually be useful to me enough to buy. time will tell......oh and that cant dance comment...lol I dance my nigg in the club with girls...not alone with a kinect, you should try it sometime....its funner.

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shibster883711d ago

All them reasons when I first heard about the xbone was why I didn't want one,and now they are changing the policies,because they care(so they say) they have made consoles before why all the stupid policies when they first showed it off,a really dumb idea.
This is why I've put down for sonys ps4 because no stupid policies and better price and the option to buy the eye if I choose to. I've had my 360 for 7 years and all I wanted was an updated 360 to kill all the competition sadly Ms failed.

shibster883711d ago

How can anyone disagree man some people have no brains lol

Thepharaoh3711d ago

i really don't see why Microsoft hasn't made it optional already.Everyone knows that the kinect is the reason as to why it cost more than the main competition And making a optional kinect version would certainly move product.I've seen so many peple on the web talking about how they would buy an xbox one if it came without the kneict that i know it would sell way more without it.

Excalibur3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I agree with everything listed in the article.

I don't understand the argument the Devs will program for it if it's a mandatory attachment, Umm no not necessarily, yes they could but that doesn't mean they will and that doesn't mean what they use won't be lame and forced.

Of all the launch title listed for the Xbox One the only game that went out of their way to showcase anything to do with Kinect was the new COD game and that was lame, a few of the others said it would use Kinect and/or smartglass but didn't really get in depth with it.

Microsoft is making the same mistake (only in reverse) as they did with the 360 and the arcade unit not having a hard drive.

Loki863711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

The automatic profile login, button mapping KI. The zombie awareness and push zombies by thrusting controller forward in DR3. Voice commands in every 3rd party launch title. No just about everyone is using it.

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