Steve Jobs Loses His Mind - Sues "The Big Apple"

Friday morning a local Fox television station in New York City broke the news - Apple was suing New York City. Six out of 100 of their viewers thought Apple had the right to sue the City, but 94 out of 100 viewers are now calling for New Yorkers to drop Apple and its products, including the iPhone and Macs. New Yorkers are pissed off!

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decapitator4478d ago

The small Apple takes on the big Apple. This should be interesting.

Tempist4478d ago

Someone's going to end up falling on their sword in the end of this. The logos look NOTHING ALIKE. Seriously instead of suing, they should in turn be helping to change the logo...

Pain4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

And After Apple Sue's NewYork ,NewYork Will Counter-Sue.

Edit: oh its About NewYork Coping APPLES Logo for a Environmental awareness campaign, GreeNYC
that looks like a Apple.

K i agree with Apple then.

deeznuts4478d ago

Last I heard, Apple didn't sue anyone. NYC put up a trademark application with the USPTO, and in the process disputes/challenges are fielded, and Apple did that. That is not a lawsuit.

Has this changed?

PS360WII4478d ago

Wonders never end eh. So you didn't feel you infringed on copyright matieral during the Apple Inc vs Apple Records but New York having the Big Apple name is wrong? Bad form if you ask me.

Exhaust4478d ago

Next Steve Jobs will go after the growers of Macintosh Apples and Granny Smith Apples.

Adamalicious4478d ago

In what way did Apple, Inc. infringe on the copyrights of Apple Corps.? Please give me at least one example of even supposed copyright infringement in this case.

BrianC62344478d ago

What's funny about Apple vs Apple Records is Apple Records gave Apple the okay to use the name as long as they weren't involved in music. So they created the iPod. I guess after twenty or whatever years people think it's okay to forget deals. Maybe their deal was for a certain amount of time but I remember this issue did come up after the iPod came out.

PS360WII4478d ago

Adam all I was pointing out was that Steve had no problem using the Apple name for there corp after Apple Records was around longer. In fact like Brian pointed out Apple Records let Apple Computers use the name as long as they never made music products.

So for Apple Inc to bullishly do what they want with there new found name and side line deals to go ahead and force a lawsuit of their own over basically the same idea sounds absured.

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OpiZA4478d ago

How 2 not make friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.