Fez creator on Xbox One self-publishing change: “the whole thing is just so goddamned reactionary”

Fez creator Phil Fish is skeptical about Xbox One’s new self-publishing policy, saying that it’s just a “reactionary” response that feels “disingenuous.”

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MariaHelFutura1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It's true and you only have Playstation and people like me to thank. You're welcome. Without us, MS would have still been arrogantly walking around w/ the mindstate of a Nazi.

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dedicatedtogamers1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"Reactionary" is correct. Xbox One - at least the gaming side of it - seems hobbled together to grab the early adopters, but what is the long-term plan? Is there even a long-term plan that has gamers' interests at its heart?

The troubling thing is this: what will Microsoft react to next? Apple or Google launching a new "iOS box" for the TV with full DVR, TV streaming, Hulu, Netflix, and apps, and then Microsoft shifts the Xbox One's focus to that? Kinect motion controls don't take off like they wanted, so they drop any plans for hardcore support (they've already delayed their showcase game, Sports Rivals)?

WHAT IS MICROSOFT'S PLAN? Gaming certainly doesn't seem to be on the top of the list. Even their "reactions" (like this self-publshing) is half-hearted. It's not available now and it won't be available until "some time after launch". What's the profit margin for these indies? Is it 10% cut for Microsoft (like it is for Steam and PSN) or is it the same 70/30 split like it was for indies on XBLA? Will indies be highlighted like they are on Steam on PSN, or will all the games be lumped together like Microsoft has been saying?

Tctczach1913d ago

Oh wow. A feature that they are now putting forward as a major incentive is now being delayed for a while. Sounds familiar....*cough* Gaikai

dedicatedtogamers1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Yeah. TOTALLY the same thing. Gaikai totally isn't a multi-million dollar collaboration of hardware and software.

It's totally the same thing as the policies - literally, nothing but policies - that are restricting indie devs from self-publishing on Xbox One.

Indies are self-publishing NOW on PS4. There are games in development NOW for PS4 that are self-published, so why can't Microsoft allow self-publishing NOW? Why do they have to wait until some undetermined time after launch (and then we wait several months more for the first games to trickle in)?

dudeOplenty1913d ago

Hopefully with Apple, Google, and everyone else under the sun offering free access to streaming content will finally make them take down that rip off policy of hiding these services behind the greedy iron curtain known as xbone gold.

DVAcme1913d ago

The sad part is that Microsoft literally doesn't have to lift a finger to allow the indies to self-publish, they just need to establish the policy clearly and allow the indies access to upload. Comparing it to PS4 with Gaikai is ridiculous. Gaikai is a MASSIVE infrastructure and digital rights-intensive endeavor, and I say Sony can take all the time they need to make sure it works as intended when it finally launches. Microsoft's self-publishing policy is all politics, no major changes in infrastructure. They just need to establish the profit margin between developers and Microsoft and allow the indies to publish their games without having to kiss the ass of a major publisher, that's it. Steam and PSN do it, why can't Microsoft? Again they show not only a disconnect from consumers, but their preference to be in bed with major publishers throwing money around than smaller independents who are currently the driving creative force in the industry.

CYCLEGAMER1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Let's be real here guys, are you really THAT into indie games or has this interest just become the latest trend. Personally I will play 1 or 2 indie games a year, and to be honest, they were not worth it.

I understand that indie developers have their place but for me, if they are not at least on a level of journey, trials hd, limbo, etc......I will will not be downloading.

I hope that Sony and Microsoft figure out a way to separate the quality of these games. Microsoft separated them correctly on xbox live

nosferatuzodd1913d ago

yep that's Microsoft big problem they want to be everyone has soon has someone come up with something and get some success they drop what ever they're doing just to follow its the greed in them they're the only company like that stay in your lane and do what you do best but no they want to everything they see others do greed man i tell you

Jdoki1913d ago


I would say 50%+ of my gaming is Indie titles. Although I imagine that's higher than the average and most of it is on PC.

But you're right about this being a bit of a trend. Indie self-publishing is just the latest skirmish ground for the never ending console wars.

MWong1913d ago

@ DVAcme + 1 bubble well said

There is a huge difference between the PS4 and Gaikai compared to the XBone and self-publishing. One is technology the other are silly policies. Microsoft's self-publishing policy is all politics, called greed.

NewMonday1913d ago

the only thing that will settle this argument is actually seeing more Indy games on the XBone, Sony was talking the talk but what proved their commitment was actually showing many Indy games at the reveal and E3 like the Witness, Outcast, OctoDad Transistor and others.

Reibooi1913d ago

The thing about this whole thing is how much MS cares. As Mr. Fish said it's reactionary nearly everything they are doing these days is not planned it's reactionary. This is leading tons of people to continue to tread carefully when it comes to the Xbone.

I want to know is as mentioned above do they care? What I mean by that is Sony clearly cares about the Indies this gen and cares enough to showcase them just as much as their big AAA games in some cases. This shows more commitment then I think MS is even thinking about. I would love if they are going to put the effort in and really take care of the indies but the way they have been doing things makes it seem like it's just another bullet point on a check list of things they need that others have already. If they are going to bring their a game in regards to indies and self publishing they great but it doesn't seem that way. Time will tell I suppose.

3-4-51913d ago

XB1's long term plan is less gaming and more everything else.

You think they are abondoning all that tech they wanted to use? nope, it will just be used in different ways later on.

Remember the first xbox was gamer focused.

Xbox 360 started out that way but in the past 4 years has moved towards casual friendly and I see the same trend here.

The XB1 system itself might be the Trojan horse that allows this.

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Thepharaoh1913d ago

I feel like you don't really know the mind state of Nazi because i never saw Microsoft kidnapping and torturing people.Your not funny man quit trying.

GenericNameHere1913d ago

Well, the Nazis did think they were the best, and that the rest of the world should be like them. Maybe that's what MHF meant by "mind state of a Nazi"?

Although I did see a Youtube video on Youtube where Hitler did some pretty good things, like being the genius behind the Volkswagen, and lowering smoking rates or something like that.

TongkatAli1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

You're taking it literal to deflect his whole point. He is right, Sony started taking in Indies then Nintendo followed and now Microsoft followed and from what i heard from the most parts from the Nintendo and Microsoft community is "Indies suck anyway".

Now its cool to buy them cause everyone is going to get them, LOL!

Everyone is educated on what is a Nazi. You learn that in junior high, now you're patronizing.

Thepharaoh1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Microsoft never said "Be like us" they were trying to get people to buy their product and I'm not deflecting anything I'm simply saying that you may want educate yourselves on what a nazi is and why it isn't all that clever to compare Microsoft to a group like that.Even before they made their changes they weren't at the nazi level and if you have such a problem with what microsft is then don't buy their products ,quit all your "Micosof ez Eval"
blabbering ,and Don't encourage this Maria troll.

Hey there good job editing so i wouldn't get a notification good thing i came back to look through some of the comments.What? afraid of using that last bubble or do you just like the last word?

Any way just so you know the school system in America is a joke which it has been for a while and considering what maria said i doubt she paid attention during the world war 2 class if he even lives in a country where the schools find that a mandatory subject

vega2751913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


i love when fanboys such as yourself make up B.S as that's what was said. I've never heard from 360 fanboys or nintendo that they hate indie games or the dev's. stop lying or back it up.

I heard more from sonyfanboys calling dev's lazy because they found developing on the ps3 hard because of the cell. now because dev's find it easier it's "dev's love sony cause they listen" too bad they didn't with the ps3. something MS did with the 360.

thank you MS for the change in sony's attitude with the ps4.

Gekko361913d ago


"Well, the Nazis did think they were the best, and that the rest of the world should be like them. Maybe that's what MHF meant by "mind state of a Nazi"?"

Hmmm, That comment is more akin to the Japanese during the invasion of China, the British during the colonial wars and lets not forget the Americans right here right now.

Likening Microsoft's policies to that of war lords and mass genocide is disturbing. Unless of course you are a Scientologist.

NOTE: That crack about Scientology may be considered a slant against a religion but here in the UK Scientology is considered a cult / crackpot organisation.

Back to the point however, Microsoft made an announcement albeit via twitter. I'm sure that further details will be clear come gamescon. So it's best to save the masturbatory rhetoric till after their next conference.

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Fireseed1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Thank Playstation?!?!?! Thank Desura. Thank Mojang. Thank the developers passing around software on MS-DOS. Indies did NOT start with Playstation. Indies didn't even start on consoles with Playstation. Having gamers thank Sony for Indies is like thanking a president for the constitution... sure he continues it, but he did not start it.

Heck how could anyone forget William Higinbotham? He created the first video game ever, and it was most certainly what we'd call an indie.

RememberThe3571913d ago

The indie embrace did start on PlayStation though. Thats why MS is changing it's policy. No one is saying PlaySation created the "idie dev," thats conceptually impossible. What they're saying is that you better thank Sony for embracing the indie crowd because if they hadn't MS would have still kept many of those games off their system.

Why is it so hard for fanboys to stop acting like children. You all sit there and act like it's Xbox vs Playstation. What side am I on if I own both?

Fireseed1913d ago

Indie embrace began with things like Desura and Steam... sorry to burst your bubble.

nypifisel1913d ago

You're being silly. There are no parallel between the PC indie market and the console one. A PC is an open platform, a console isn't. Sony's incentive towards indies forced MS to change their policies. Simple as that. They didn't want Sony to have that competitive edge. So it's not PC vs Consoles, seeing how the two platforms differ so much from each other.

Seafort1913d ago

Apart from most of the indie games coming to PS4 are on or will be on PC in the near future.

I definitely know Don't Starve is on PC now as I have it on steam and it was a PC exclusive from Klei like their new game, Incognita.

Mercenary Kings is on steam Early Access atm as well.

So there is some parallels between PC indies and console indies. As they are one and the same.

Desura and steam embraced the indie revolution way before Xbox and Playstation did.

Most if not all the kickstarter games will be accepted onto steam when they are ready to be released.

If MS are so accommodating to indie devs why do we hear all these horror stories from indie devs about how MS treated them?

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gamertk4211913d ago

I would never thank Maria..or Sony.

Lior1913d ago

U forget the biggest platform for indie games are on pc

vega2751913d ago

I find it funny that people who never had any intentions on buying the system. Feels like they had any part in the change of MS policies and X1. Screaming and posting "I hate you MS and I'm never buy your console" does change anything nor will you even when they do. So you gets no thanks for being a fanboy.

TomShoe1913d ago

It's just so true that MS has been constantly playing catch up to Sony in most key features. As much as XBots would deny this, It's taken so many "Core gamers" pledging to switch to PS4 to get them to do anything at all.

And even one change they could do that they decided not to is going to hurt them the most in the long run. MS already said there's no price drop or removal of Kinect in 2014. That means they might as well give the PS4 a head start similar to the one 360 had.

All the hardcore M$ fans who have stuck with XBL for years can continue to hold on to their Halo, Forza, GoW, and CoD DLC for dear life, but for the rest of us, brand loyalty only goes so far.

Smashbro291913d ago

Yeah, it's Playstation. Not the open platforms like PC or anything.

jiggyteddy1913d ago

Maria made a reactionary response as well.

Being a fanboy is one thing, but being an ignorant fanboy is a whole other level. Congratulations on your level down!

en4SHer1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


I'd suggest you put more substance into your posts than just what the PS4/X1 fanboy goons want to hear. You're labeling Microsoft with a Nazi mindset, as they are some kind of evil entity, and you're completely contradicting yourself. If someone was a Nazi, they would stay headstrong with their beliefs and plans, taking no criticism from others into account. Microsoft has changed their route because they're listening. While it could be argued that they are doing so because of poor pre-order sales, we still get the same result as gamers--a better console.

2cents1913d ago

@ Maria.

Very nice, thank you. Now would you kindly... Get back under your bridge.

H0RSE1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Somehow you managed to make the ridiculously inaccurate and ignorant comparison of Microsoft to Nazi's, while also gaining over 150 agrees in the process. This alone is evidence of the grossly over-exaggerated hatred of MS and the extreme level of bias that plagues this website.

If you truly think MS is even remotely comparable to the Nazi regime, I suggest you brush up on your history.

miyamoto1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

History does repeat it self

These reactionary moves is exactly what led to the rise and fall of Sega Genesis against Super NES during the 16 bit era to 32 bit era.

This proves M$ is really caught with its pants down.

showtimefolks1913d ago

we the core gaming community/PS gamers are the reason MS had to take many things back and make changes, if it was up to xbox fanboys they would be ok with DRM and here is why

the word CLOUD gives them orgasm so as long as MS uses the word cloud they are ok with everything else

omi25p1912d ago

The majority of PS Gamers didnt even know half the stuff that was on the cloud.

I was fine with DRM because i actually took the time to really read up on it. I knew that people complaining about trading in games would be moaning when it came out. I knew how much the cloud improved games.

The only thing i didnt agree with was the fact they were doing it now. DRM isnt worth it when so many people wouldn't be able to use the console because of connection issues.

I liked DRM so im a Xbox fanboy?

Here a little fun fact for you. I preordered the PS4 and the X1 the second the became available. I still have both on preorder.

MacDonagh1913d ago

You've just invoked Godwin's Law.

You should be ashamed of yourself because you have ruined any chance of intellectual discourse within the first comment.


*slow clap*

Sony3601913d ago

I guess you're also to thank for the new fee on multiplayer then.

omi25p1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Arent you full of your self.

People crying on forums did nothing. Which as a result you did nothing.

Actual fans who didnt preorder it cause the change.

Also The mind state of Nazi?

That gets 195 agrees?

You're saying that MS wanting DRM is the equivalent of the Nazis murdering MILLIONS of Jews. Causing the worst war in history. Killing and butchering whole family's and bringing the whole world to its knees.

You're saying DRM is like that?

What a pathetically moronic and ignorant thing to say. Its takes someone truly deranged to think of that comparison.

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4logpc1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

This is the crap that's really making me upset with next gen indie devs.

this guy right here gives Indies a bad name, and I can't stand him.

He is NEVER happy.

I get it...Microsoft is simply reacting to Sony, which hey is probably half true, but instead of still talking crap about Microsoft, move on and make games.

These Indies are getting amazing treatment and honestly if I was a big name publisher I would be little upset that they aren't getting any new benefits, yet they have been following the rules for years now.

Indie developers are getting everything they want/wanted, and they still are complaining. Just be happy you now have yet another platform to publish your game on.

dedicatedtogamers1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"this guy right here gives Indies a bad name, and I can't stand him. "

If you read the article, it states other indie devs (like the Retro City Rampage guys, Monaco guys, Skulls of the Shogun guys, Super Crate Box guys) all had their suspicions as well.

Add to that list all those former 360-indie devs like Jonathan Blow, the Limbo crew, and Team Meat who all have very stern words to say about Microsoft.

It's not just one guy "giving indies a bad name" or isolated, individual indies complaining for no reason. As Fish pointed out, all Microsoft has right now is words and track record.

4logpc1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

This argument can go either way.

The fact that multiple devs are complaining can help either side.

ive read the articles, ive seen Indie the movie, I look at it from both sides.

Indie Devs were treated just like normal devs. I understand that makes it hard for certain developers and causes problems etc, but it still doesnt change the fact Microsoft reached out and published Super Meat Boy, which wouldnt of gotten nearly as much success if it wasnt for XBLA.

There was a time when I associated Indie with terms like innovative and passionate. Now those words are replaced with knock off and unappreciative.

Indie devs used to preach that they just want to make games because it is their passion and they want it to reach as many people as possible. What happened to those devs?? Because all I see is more and more whining.

Microsoft may of had bad policies because they were treating every developer the same, but Microsoft never shut the down on indies and said you dont belong here.

It is obvious Microsoft has changed their tune. Say its reactionary to Sony, bad PR, whatever you want, it still doesnt change the fact it is changed.

Indie devs are getting royal freaking treatment, and yet a lot of them still complain. I feel like some of them wont be happy unless someone makes their game for them, and they get 100% of the profits.

Next thing you know they will complain that companies even take a cut at all.

The funny thing is, I would bet that a majority of these indies will publish their games on Xbox One when it is all said and done because its freaking free. They would be insanely stupid not to.

I just wish we could get back to games, because at the end of they day thats what matters most. I dont care who makes the game, if it is fun I will play it. I dont care if its Indie, AAA, my neighbor or my mom. Whoever makes good content, will get my money.

trafalger1913d ago

well just like electronic arts they are also trying to improve there image. i think we know certain individuals on these forums get a kick bashing m$ on a daily basis.

ive never seen so much stealth trolling on one forum as i do here.

MariaHelFutura1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


I think the phrase you are looking for is "Just deal w/ it"

It's like an abused woman who blames everything and everybody except her husband.

Edit: Women who get abused 90% of the time get mad at people who reference the abuse and concentrate their anger on them versus the abuser. Like you're doing, along w/ many other Xbox fans.

4logpc1913d ago

How you made that association baffles me.

Comparing a woman to an indie developer....try a little harder next time.

People act like Microsoft took all the indie devs into a room and beat them up. Talk to the guys that made Super Meat Boy...they have a very successful career now, and a lot of it is from the success on XBLA.

RememberThe3571913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

He saying your blaming indies for the fact that MS has treated them poorly and they don't like it.

And no one is acting like MS physically assaulted anyone, just that they're not being genuine. Thats not a bold claim to make when a company changes it's business model as quickly as MS has.

"Too good to be true" is often the case in these situations and I see no issue in pointing that out.

wtopez1913d ago

Comparing game companies to Nazism and gamers to abused and beaten women. What a paragon of class.

omi25p1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

So Microsoft is the same as the Nazis Murdering, Gassing and butchering Women Children, Men Entire family's.

Now fans of the X1 are the same as women with Stockholm syndrome? A disorder that causes people to feel a sense of love for people that mentally and/or Physically abuse them.

You truly are a nut job. No i don't mean the in jest. You are literally the most out of touch lunatic i have ever seen on this website.

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staticdash221913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

You know the saying that most of our parents should have taught us growing up. "There are repercussions to our actions" Everything we do, and say can be used against us. There are consequences for your policies. That's the nature of business. Sometimes bridges are burned. I really like what Adam Sessler said awhile back. He's really worried how so many people are so into these brands & game systems that they suffer from blind brand loyalty.

How can people accept what these big companies TELL us what's good for us. That's something you have to decide for yourself. We're not forced to just forgive and forget. Some people are just not going to be turned on buy your company anymore and that's okay. I definitely don't blame him. He was treated bad, and that's his right to carry that feeling. Microsoft has to pay the consequences for their previous policies. We;re just going to have to accept that some great games might not be coming to xbox one. That's just one of the negatives to business. You have to deal with PR & the company's image.

4logpc1913d ago

The problem is that these developers still had SUCCESS on the Xbox platform.

Its not like these indie devs went bankrupt and lost all of their possessions. They are now living healthy because of the very platform (as well as others) that they hate.

dudeOplenty1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


he has a legitimate reason to be angry with microsoft. he released Fez on xbox, discovered a game-breaking bug but was asked to pay $10,000 (if i remember correctly) to patch it.

what kind of new benefits do big publishers need? they already screw over their employees for millions of dollars - Harmonix with the viacom/EA deal, infinity ward with activision - both being screwed out of their contracted bonuses.

You're doing too much of the "blah, blah, blah" and not enough of rational thinking.

n4rc1913d ago

The fee applies to everyone.. Or it did at the time..

Its his fault for releasing a game with a game breaking bug in the first place.. Or at least doing so knowing full well what it will cost to patch..

It needs to be tested by ms then sent out to every user.. That all costs money and doesn't help ms in the least.

But most of all.. Its there to discourage developers from releasing untested junk to its customers..

vega2751913d ago

Althought I agree that some big publishers like EA and activision will and have screwed developers out of money. Doing this also insures that indie games are quality and not a indie game ghetto where a lot of trash games flood the store. Then these same devs start crying bevause their game didnt sell as they wanted.

Also a lot of people are overlooking the fact that this arrogant @ss has insulted gamers and japanese gaming like he's gods gift to gaming. Its only because he's trashing MS is the only reason why people are even siding with him.

He needs to take responsibilty for his game crashing buggy game and his unwillingness to fix it.

barb_wire1913d ago


Interesting way of saying things isn't it?.. tsk tsk on him for releasing a game with a game breaking bug..

yet how do you feel about the big companies (Bethesda, Activision or EA) who have all released games either broken straight out of the box or riddled with game breaking bugs..

so using your logic it perfectly acceptable for them to do that since they have the resources to pay for any certification from MS - nevermind the fact that it's the consumer who's taking a hit cause they were too damn lazy to test their product before releasing it to the market.

NeoTribe1913d ago

How can the indie move on and make games when they can't yet on xbox? Its not ready. Microsoft reacting to sony isn't half true. Its completely true. Where do you get half? There saying the same thing as the people bitching in the comments. Nobody trust microsofts sneaky bs. If your gf cheats on you are you going to trust her anymore or go find someone else?

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Pancit_Canton1913d ago

With all the self publishing, Dev kit for all and Mods. You might as well get a freaking PC. At this point, i don't really see the point of owning an Xbone if they offer similar to a PC. Close system is what differentiate the console to a PC.

lastofgen1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

They're just options. And it's the expansion of your audience for the games you make that's the point to take away from here.

elhebbo161913d ago

I'm about to blow your brains out right now... some of us actually like to play on console rather than PC! I know crazy right.

Smashbro291913d ago

But if you can build a PC that takes the same space and uses the exact same controller and it can do everything the console can plus more with cheaper games. Why do it?

lastofgen1913d ago

so, what he's really saying is that he'll never be happy with ms again no matter what they do.

first he insults japanese devs and now he continues his streak of negativity and skepticism... Well, I can definitely see how his lead programmer left. yup, I'm never buying his games again.

RememberThe3571913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Well if they never make games for your favorite console, this seems like a win-win.

But what about all the other devs that aren't really buying this about face? Your not going to play their games either because they don't trust a company that didn't treat them right?

Would you trust people who treated you like crap them suddenly kissed your ass?

theWB271913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

What is it with these Indie Devs and their feelings being hurt? My it matters if it was reactionary and disingenuous? Are they expecting some type of apology or for them to grovel to Indie Devs. I understand the scene is growing, but it is no way supporting any of these machines and a relative few Indie Games actually get recognized.

Even the future ability to use the system as a dev kit isn't enough for these whiners.

I have a meme with Fry too except mine goes something like- Not sure if life is getting better or the amount of F I give is decreasing. <there attitude is making me not to want to start supporting them. Jonathan Blowhard is at the top of this mountain of tears and broken feelings.

Indie devs aren't EA, Ubi, Taketwo so if they want to lose out on money cause they're precious feelings were hurt then let them.

dedicatedtogamers1913d ago

"What is it with these Indie Devs and their feelings being hurt? My it matters if it was reactionary and disingenuous? Are they expecting some type of apology or for them to grovel to Indie Devs."

First of all, it matters to them because most indie devs are putting their own livelihoods and finances on the line. They are indies. By nature, they don't have a pool of cash to support their company. And so when a dozen credible, acclaimed indie devs are all saying "it's best to watch out for Microsoft", why should that be ignored? Some of these people got royally screwed by Microsoft when they put their games on XBLA and they're simply warning other indies to not follow the same path.

theWB271913d ago

AND EVEN WHEN MICROSOFT REVERSES THEIR STANCE THEY STILL SAY THEY WON'T SUPPORT THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE FEELINGS WERE HURT. So it isn't about money, it's about feelings for them. Cause if they're livelihood were on the line then they'd get their game out to as many people as they could. Since Micro is going to great "reactionary" lengths to do that and yet they still whine....then let them fail. The gamers didn't do this...and that isn't what they're thinking about.

If it were about gamers, they'd swallow their pride and release their game to as many gamers as they could. But they aren't...

maniacmayhem1913d ago

So would they have rather MS NOT reverse their policies?

This is what also gets me upset and why I don't see a lot of folks commenting on this. Remember when this was first brought up and MS had the same draconian policy in place? All we heard was b*****, whining and moaning from some of these very devs telling MS to wise up and change their ways.

Even on this site (which by the way NEVER cared about indies until recently) was huffing and puffing and declaring Sony the winner because of their newly found love for self publishing.

Now after all the crying and pleading MS finally reverses their stance and now we STILL get the same cry baby attitude from these devs. And we also get a lot of folks on here suspicious, confused or not trusting.

So when can the nonsense stop?

MS changed their stance they are making it easier for all indies now. That is their apology to them. It should be about business not some BS about feelings being hurt.

dedicatedtogamers1913d ago

@ theWB27 and maniacmayhem

Clearly you're not paying attention. Indies aren't crying and b****ing about it. Most are being cautiously optimistic, which is exactly what they should be. Right now, all Microsoft has offered is "goals" and "promises" of how self-publishing will be handled in the future. It's important to note that self-publishing is not available on Xbox One right now, and it won't be until some time after launch.

With Microsoft's track record, why wouldn't indies be cautious? Some of these guys got screwed over by Microsoft in the past and now they're saying "okay, it's good that MS allows self-publishing, but are there strings attached?" It's not a matter of crying. It's a matter of indies not wanting to spend another $50,000 or $200,000 of their own money to publish a game on XBLA when they've had a bad experience with Microsoft in the past.

Seems pretty straight forward.

KwietStorm1913d ago

It's really nothing to do with feelings in the least. It's about business, all about business. And when you, as a businessman, feel that the platform you have to have a relationship with in order to make money and continue doing what you do, is being disingenuous, then you have every right to review your standing with them and speak out about it.