Man Gets Killed in an Attempt at Squeezing Gold from Computer Hardware

A man got killed after an unsuccessful attempt at extracting gold from his own computer hardware devices. Tulsa resident Tony Winnett died after weeks of getting intoxicated with mercury, a metal he used to substitute gold from the computer's circuitry.

Winnett, aged 55, experimented with mercury for such a long time,
that not only he got lethally poisoned, but his house was so contaminated that living inside it will be extremely dangerous and could result in other individuals getting poisoned.

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decapitator3849d ago

I know this is about a person dieing and should not be laughed at but I seriously laughed..wth ?

MicroDeath SoftStar3849d ago

this guy is the biggest idiot on earth , to get a good amount of gold from dies you gonna have to do this on a mass scale and not in your basement . there isn't as much gold in a computer chip as some might think , just a few cent worth in bonded wires for a chip , hmm i would say around 30 cents US for a BGA with 500+ wires ,(trust me guys , i bond chips for a living)

BrianC62343849d ago

It's amazing what greed will get people to do. Did he mot even know that mercury is dangerous?

Bleucrunch3849d ago

I agree decapitator its not like this is tragic he died of his own selfish greed, LOL why should we feel bad.....aint nobody tell him to go do that....IDIOT!

Amanosenpai3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )



The End

Pain3849d ago

hehe funny! then again Not when u think how much gold is ><

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Massacre3849d ago

wait.....this is real ?

decapitator3849d ago

It's legit alright, just sounds unbelievable.

ravinash3849d ago

One for the Darwin awards I think.

Fishy Fingers3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Probably would of been better off just selling the components.

Actually, definitely better off.

(bad taste j/k.... Must of been a suicide modder!)

Kulupoo3849d ago

dont know where he got the idea of try to transmute mercury... jk
but come on , how much gold can u get out of ur small circuit board?

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The story is too old to be commented.