No regrets over PS3 pads - Harrison

Sony's head of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, has defended the company's decision to include a motion-sensing feature in the PS3 controller and leave out a vibration function.
Speaking to's Rob Fahey, when asked if he had any regrets in light of criticism regarding the controller's design, Harrison replied, "Not at all."
"I think that the next generation interfaces that can be created built on sixaxis motion sensitivity give tremendous gameplay benefits that far outweigh a reactive vibration function," he continued.
"The vibration function is the game sending a single channel of feedback to the player - six axis of input puts the player in control in a much richer, deeper way. So, game design can go in much more interesting directions as a result of that than from receiving a single input from the game itself."

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The Milkman4470d ago

Well thats what you think I guess but you know what you dont make me a believer unless you prove it to me. I want to see for myself how important the tilt is in othere games. It may play a factor in racing games but it may not in othere games. If I see that it could have been even better and wouldnt have effected it realy Im going to give it a thumbs down on the controller. Which I havent been a fan of the OLD controller because it doesnt fit my hand that well.

Im not going to take his word for it though because what I heard the reason they couldnt add the rumble is because of lawsuit issues, and to hear them turn around and say oh... The tilt is important and the rumble would just mess with it, sounds pretty fishy and doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that.

I still continue to believe that the rumble feature is a important feature to have also. Just play a war game turn up your rumble and then go back and play it with it off and you will see what I mean.

USMChardcharger4470d ago

i like rumble. i just don't see how it is good to leave it out. it adds to the game.

two small examples:
in a war feel the explosions and choas.
or a giant robot stumping off in the distance coming your way...and you know it is getting closer the more intense the rumbles get...ect, ect.
lot more than those examples and i am sure there are better ones...but you get what i am saying.

i would want it.

SuperSaiyan44470d ago

This guy needs to be sacked the amount of rubbish that comes out of his mouth is unfrinkinbelievable!

beans4470d ago

I say just use your imagination and when u shoot or get shot in games! Just kind of shake yourself a little unless it's an explosion which makes u jump out of your seat!

kewlkat0074470d ago

I'll take Rumble over Tilt anyday..I doubt this tilt thing is gonna take off. I Think it's stupid personally. I mean how many game can take advantage of it and how dumb you'll look using it while you can just press up and down on the D-PAd.

Atleast nintendo went all the way, and is forcing developers to think different in how you play games. This will be viewed as like an option for them.

DEIx15x84470d ago

Don't forget that they also didn't have to give up any features to do it!

Tut4469d ago

I don't believe you have tried the tilt controller yet so congratulations on being quick to judge. You may be right, but at least give it a chance, yeesh.

I have been playing console and PC for years and when I play my PC games I don't notice the rumble being gone. Besides, the rumble from my bass should be plenty, it shakes my whole house.

I won't be missing out.

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The story is too old to be commented.