The Wii U version of Rayman Legends Costs £15 more than the PS3 and Xbox 360 Versions

Ubisoft has priced the multiple versions of Rayman Legends across consoles, PC, and the PS Vita. And for some reason, the Wii U version of Rayman Legend is more than the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions.


It has been confirmed this was just an error and the game will be priced the same as the other versions.

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chadboban3008d ago

Strange, and even the Vita version costs £5 more. I wonder what gives.

CaptainYesterday3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Yeah I hope Ubisoft tells us why the Wii U and Vita versions are more expensive maybe it was a mistake it's really weird to see the Vita version priced more than the PS3 version that seems really odd.

admiralvic3008d ago

The Vita version is said to have unique content (much like the Wii U), though that was never and will never be an excuse to gouge the consumer. I also think it's an error or Ubisoft is literally hellbent on making this game fail...

Delayed, Delayed, Multiplatform and delayed, Preorders announced with the WIi U getting the least logical costume (based off the Vita version of AC), Vita announced to have other unique content (so now it seems to be fairly segmented) and now a PC version with a pricing structure all over the place...

boybato3008d ago

yep... I'm afraid this is becoming a trend.(look at angry birds star wars port for Wiiu)

chadboban3008d ago

Just looked it up... HOLY CRAP are they seriously charging $50 for that! WTF is wrong with them?!

guitarded773008d ago

Yeah, I saw $50 for Angry Birds, and immediately thought "blatant gratuitous price gouging based solely on name recognition"... and then I thought "typical Activision".

badz1493008d ago

if this is not an honest mistake, one would wonder, "how many times Ubisoft want to stab the Wii U fanbase in the back?"

ChickeyCantor3008d ago

As much as I want to support more games for Wii U. I really don't see why anyone would pay extra for a game that was purposely delayed to get a cheaper version on the other consoles.

And then they wonder why everyone owning a Wii U ignores third party games.

LOL_WUT3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

You should be grateful its even coming to the Wii U ;)

Edit: Below, maybe the Wii U version has exclusive content that warrants the cost? So quit getting all butthurt either way i'm getting the game. ;)

Blacklash933008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Nope. Quit trolling. This entire situation is complete BS. The game has to cost more for the system it was originally built on, of all things. Not to mention the system it was delayed several times for the sake of these ports.

I'm not even a Wii U owner and can see how cheap this whole deal is. Just another example of this industry being run by moronic publishers. Assuming this is all accurate, of course.

Edit: It does not have excessive content. The only thing it's known to have over the other versions is full 5-player co-op with Murfy. I'm not butthurt, just pointing out BS when I see it. ;)

Wolven3008d ago

Can you please stop being on the Wii U section? You are one of the biggest gosh darn trolls I have seen. Can't you just leave and never return? That would be doing everyone a great favor, you butthurt 10 year old. Be a true gamer and stop bashing on other consoles, maybe you would have a friend if you stopped trolling everyone who shares different tastes than you. So now, you have my warning. Back off. The Wii U is a great console, which a lot of people are enjoying. Rayman Legends was built from the ground up for it. ;)

Realplaya3008d ago

Are you stupid or dumb Sorry to come at you sideways but there is no way we Wii U owners should be screwed every which way. I know you troll a lot to get a rise but I guess if a company says hey we delayed your version so that every one can get the same exact version of the game with better DLC for a cheaper price someone has to be grateful.
No sir they will see the gratitude when there are less sales on this platform because people realize that they are being screwed. I would never pay more for the same thing and neither will anyone else.

Eyeco3007d ago

Come on dude there's no way in hell you can defend this unless you were the biggest Nintendo hater, this action isn't fair and is complete BS, and if I was a Wii theres no goddamn way I'll buy this game.

PopRocks3593007d ago

LOL_WUT is a troll and an apologist to anyone who shuns Nintendo or even just the Wii U. Just bubble him down and be done with it.

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grailly3007d ago

from what I've heard the wiiU version is better, not prettier, but just that as the game was built for the wiiU it has a few "tablet implementations" for asymmetric gameplay that cannot be replicated on 360/PS3. It's particularly for couch coop that the difference is notable.

Still I don't think that it should be 15£ more, that's just ridiculous. I'll wait for a price drop and get it for wiiU. origins was 10$ after about three month, maybe there will be the same situation with legends.

ChickeyCantor3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

It absolutely has no reason to be more expensive. It's like they are deliberately doing this to minimize development on WiiU in favor of PS4/X1.

Sure I make it sound like a conspiracy, but the fact they had to delay the game for Ps3/360, which costed them extra months of budget, should not raise the WiiU version but the Ps3/360 versions instead.

There were people buying a WiiU for Rayman. Who all got screwed over. And now they are doing this?

Is it maybe they think that it will sell better on the WiiU? If that's the case I really hope it's going to work for them, because honestly I don't see many WiiU owners even considering it after being screwed over months ago and being pissed on now.

nick3093008d ago

Ubisoft went full retard, never go full retard. Or that belongs to ea's game pricing? *facepalm*

TruthbeTold3008d ago

I wonder if this is even true? I think it's more plausible that a mistake has been made.

Killa783008d ago

What a kick to the teeth

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