Top Video Game Offices in India writes-"After the BPO, LPO and the KPO rage, a new wave of employment opportunity is gripping India. It is called as GDO (game development outsourcing). Most of the gaming companies are in one way or the other, involved in GDO. It has given Indian professionals a chance to pursue their dreams and literally leap into the future."

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tgh machines3845d ago

I plan on becoming a video game programmer once i get out of college in about 6 years (i am in 10th grade now) and i really hope video game programming doesn't get out sourced to India too much.

brocool3845d ago

my advice.. apply for an indian passport.

Also, I wanted to work in the gaming industry .. I'm now working towards becoming an accountant. Two things changed my mind .. firstly, no babes in that field and secondly no cash.

tgh machines3845d ago

Well i wouldn't say no cash. 66k a year if u have a 4 year degree.

realistgamer3845d ago

right on tgh machines i feel u i'm planning to become a video game programmer myself as well, i'll be entering college pretty soon.