An Offer You Can't Refuse: the 10 Most Powerful Notebooks Around

Portable computers have become more and more popular with the advent of the low-cost, low-performance sub-notebooks running Linux, that allow users to stay connected to the Internet while on the road.

However, mobile computing is more than Asustek's Eee PC or Intel's Classmate, and the rich offering can suit both the office guy and the enthusiast gamer alike. In fact, the existing technology
is able to deliver notebooks that easily outperform fully-fledged desktop systems.

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decapitator4237d ago

Too bad the price points are too steep for me, I am waiting for the ASUS 9' screens.

TriggerHappy4237d ago

hmmm, that alienware PC is not too bad at all.

thor4237d ago

m9750 is what I have. It runs crysis on "high" settings at a reasonable framerate :D