Crystal Ball predicts the Game of the Year for 2008

I know it's early, but Sarcastic Gamer's Crystal Ball has already honed in on the Game of the Year for 2008. Read on to find out which game it is.

From the article: "Quite a lot is known about the game already, for starters, the story is pure gold. A writer from Hollywood has been hired to craft the game's plot. This is lucky since all Hollywood writers are excellent, and no bad piece of writing has ever come out of there. Some information has leaked regarding the story and, let me tell you..."

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shadowghost7524470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

They are having a laugh right?

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand GOTY?

GamerSigma4470d ago

LOL... talking about the new 50 cent game while dismantling it...

that's why I love sarcastic gamer.

Shadow Man4470d ago

Game of the year 2008 goes to GOW 2.
Game of the year 2009 goes to Bioshock 2.
Game of the year 2010 goes to FFXIII.

Almost every Xbox exclusive has been game of the year for example:
Call of Duty 2
Bioshock/Call of Duty4(mult)

Bolts4470d ago

Since when is CoD 2 a Xbox exclusive? The PC version came out at the same time, had more multiplayer features while looking better. More than anything CoD 2 was a PC game first and a console game second.

Omegasyde4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I think GTA4 or MGS4 will get GOTY.

After playing UT3 my expectations from EPIC studios has gone downhill.

Unless Geow2 has atleast 16 players online. The unreal engine really ain't all that either, compared to other developers.

Edit: Best graphics= Killzone2. Most expensive disapointment=???
I know last year it was Kane and Lynch.

Asurastrike4470d ago

lol you named 1 game that is Xbox exclusive, Halo, and then you named three multiplatform games.

Btw, Halo didn't win GOTY.

pp4470d ago

and not one ps3 game has been game of the year.let me repeat myself not one ps3 game has been game of the year and not even with this ps3 line up of games coming out this year will be game of the year.because that crown will goto xbox360 game

beast4470d ago

you do realize ps3 has been there for one year. right.

Bioshock on my PC
Gears of War on my PC

So NO 360 Exclusive HAS EVER EVER been game of the year

wolfehound224470d ago

Hey dude and if that makes you feel better about yourself than good for you. Let me repeat myself good for you. You guys are so funny fanboys got to love them. Dude I had a great time with my PS3 with no game of the years. And now I'm enjoying my WII to. ANd you no what when I get a 360 and it dosen't have a game of the year that year I'll enjoy it to. But this is me so I guess it's just sad you can't enjoy a system unless it's getting awards.

LightningPS34470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I think Game of year is just crap. It's just a made up label. It doesn't affect console or game sales regardless of who gets awarded game of the year.

Listening around, it seems like some sites already made up their mind that Fallout 3 is game of the year.

Some sites are gonna be hestitant to name a PS3 exclusive like Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, or Resistance 2 game of the year. Just because it's PS3.

InMyOpinion4470d ago

Lay of the conspiracy theories. Other consoles have good games as well you know. If you don't, try them =)

GOTY of 2008 will be a multiplatform title. GTA IV. Hooray for everybody lol!

TitanUp4470d ago

wtf is up with these stupid ass comments there so effing annoying. omfg this system is better than that gosh this game is better than that one shut the hell up.

theres games for everyone to enjoy why bother with the stupid console war you people choosing sides is just stupid.

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