GOW crew gets busyin Hollywood Graveyard

It seems as though the Gears of War crew is prepping for the launch event in a Hollywood graveyard. It also appears as though they purposely rigged a 360 with the red rings of death.

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Maccas4468d ago

Before the fanboys start chirping

"Not really "ring of death," it's what happens when the video cables aren't connected properly... :) "

assjacket4468d ago

I dig that dark faceplate, it looks cool in the kiosk.

2tired2day2hate4468d ago

the ring of death is when all 4 quadrants are lit red and flashes. i had the 3 flash the other day and was confused as hell till i realised i didnt secure the hdd when i put it back on

highps34468d ago

Is it me or is it really disrespectful to host a gaming promotion where people have died?

Hrmmm, Im thinking its a bit disrespectful. Rent a haunted house or something.

Yo Wassap4468d ago

They kinda rented a hollywood graveyard mate. I would like to have the future debut on my grave anyway, i'll make sure it's on my headstone. Why bother rigging it up on perpose, just get a launch 360 and voila. Might have some problemos playing the game though.