Battlefield 4 Battlelog Image Reveals Linear 5-Flag Snow-Covered Conquest Map

MP1st - An image snapped from the latest Battlefield 4 Battlelog trailer reveals a previously unseen Battlefield 4 map covered in snow, sporting a fairly linear layout with 5 Conquest flags.

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WorldGamer1911d ago

looks cool. Can't wait to see the snow effects on the PS4.

CalamityCB1911d ago

This comment getting a lot of dislikes really can show you how biased N4G is against Microsoft.

Grow up guys .__.

TI_211911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

I'd say they aren't biased, but simply done with them. The hate coming from gamers isn't pure fanboyism. They've earned it.

They really have to push through with their 180 and keep supporting the console throughout the generation or they won't be able to regain the trust gamers had with them.

Dead_Cell1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Or maybe people just want to play a game on their console of choice without being dragged through the mud for it.

I know this is a hard concept for me to throw to you, all the way up there on your ivory tower, but some people just care about the games and consoles they want to play and couldn't give a crap about Company Policy.

Microsoft is evil. Wah. We get it.

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iBlackyi1911d ago

Awesome. Im tired of all these urban maps that make like 70% of the battlefield 3 mappool.

Soldierone1911d ago

Ugh, not another camping snorefest like Metro.....

Hercules1891911d ago

Metro couldve been much better if they made it wider and more paths, hated the spammers on the escalators

Soldierone1911d ago

I agree, its just annoying when this map pops up and your team ends up getting all the points and all you do is sit there picking off people in the spawn.

This map looks linear too (in terms of hidden paths), hope its not.... or the same thing will happen.....

Lawndart19811911d ago

If they do it right with a bunch of secondary avenues of approach along the sides a decent recon guy can get solid spots all day long and lock down smaller choke points in the center of the map... it'll be interesting for sure

Godz Kastro1911d ago

Cant wait for this game.

@Soldierone.. Im sure theyll have more than one map buddy.

Soldierone1911d ago

Of course, if you buy the season pass.

(Joking :P )

sovietsoldier1911d ago

get ready for the endless amount of snipers.

Mister_V1911d ago

Unless the mountain area is playable, it seems pretty CQB to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.