PSXExtreme reviews World Heroes Anthology

PSXExtreme reports:

''Assembling a fantastic compilation requires more than just slapping together titles from a franchise and putting them all on one disc. No, the developer should probably attempt to include a few other features that cater specifically to avid followers of the series in question, and that might include unlockables (for screenshot or even video galleries), added characters or levels, and/or updated visuals. Unfortunately, SNK Playmore believed the four World Heroes titles was all they needed to produce a high-quality Anthology, and the result is a lackluster production that may not even appeal to hardcore fans of the classic fighter. Back in the day of the Neo-Geo, these games were a big draw, primarily because of their original cast of characters and high-impact combat action that helped to define the '90s video game scene. But now, a lot of that old panache is gone, and this compilation doesn't do much to revive it.''

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