Online GTA 4 Multiplayer Previews Tomorrow wrote: "As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the online gaming press recently got to preview GTA IV multiplayer, and will release articles based on it soon. Jordan from PlanetGTA has now been able to confirm that these previews will go online tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 PM GMT (or 10 AM PST).

Expect new previews from the likes of CVG, GamesRadar, Kikizo, IGN and GameSpot. All of these sites were competing against each other during the preview. The articles will also contain new screenshots."

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BeaArthur3942d ago

Sweet, I think we all know at least in some way what the campaign is going to be like, the multiplayer is the real question. Although I am sure it is going to be great I am interested to get some more details on it.

Monchichi0253942d ago

Can't wait to go online with GTA! SWEET!!! Multi-player is the main reason I'll be picking this title up on my 360.

Fallen_Angel3941d ago

I cant wait for this to i really hope it is as good as the rest of the game. They really need good online games besides shooters and racing games.

realistgamer3941d ago

how bout showing some video of it huh?

Percy3941d ago

anyone that gets the official playstation magazine has already seen a multiplayer review i dont see why this is a big deal. kinda cool to the latest issue has a n4g advertisement in it too maybe thats why more sony fans are showing up here.