Ikaruga on Live Arcade this week

VG247: According to Treasure's site, Ikaruga's going to be published on XBLA this Wednesday. If you don't know, this means you should definitely buy it, although we say that with some caveats after the fiasco that was Mr Driller Online. Still, great news.

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Dannagar4508d ago

I hope Ikaruga comes out this week. Next, we need Radiant Silvergun. How about it Treasure?

Silellak4508d ago

Awesome. Hopefully it won't cause me to throw my controller through my new TV.

Skerj4508d ago

Wow, looks like I'll need to give in and buy those damn points I hate so much now.

Kill Crow4508d ago

I loved it on my game cube but it just too damn hard ... I wish I was 14 again and had the time to just play this for days on end and get good at it ...


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