New GTA IV PS3 bundle revealed

Swedish retailer Webhallen has today revealed the first image of a new PlayStation 3 bundle which will be launching in Europe alongside Grand Theft Auto IV. The bundle includes the standard 40GB PlayStation 3 console and a copy of the game.

The price listed is 4499kr, which is the same as the Gran Turismo 5 bundle which launched just over a week ago. While availability in other countries has not been announced, this indicates that the GTA bundle should sell for £299.99 in the United Kingdom and €399.99 elsewhere.

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muhameds4480d ago

Sony I want 60gb, not 40 gb!!!!

St04480d ago

Just upgrade the HDD your self, it's simple

DrakeMan4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Yeah but I guess he wants BC.

St04480d ago

Oh yea, forgot about that lol

sonarus4480d ago

lol why is everyone always crying about backwards compat. I can't remember the last time i played a ps2 game on my ps3. I do plan to get mgs essential collection though:D

As for this bundle, i am still kinda doubtful. Sony seems to favor bundles over price drops but common they got to drop their price. I know they need to make back some of their money but at the same time, they need to start setting their sights on the wii.

spandexxking4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

dont forget the memory card reader, two usb ports and the lettering is painted on rather than recessed. plus the chrome looks awesome in comparison to the dull finish. i looked at my ps3 (60gb) and my brothers (40gb) and it looks so bad! hey at least its not the halo edtition 360!

sorry dont mean to bash but it is ugly, i mean green and bronze? WTF!

mikeslemonade4480d ago

This is very good deal. For the first time a game is packaged in the 40gb which is $60. So right out of the box you're playing with GTA with rumble I suppose with free online. On 360 would you have to pay for the $60 game and then $40-$50 online.

le killer4480d ago

when the rumours were flying that microsoft was gonna do a gta bundle, the sony sheep were screaming how desperate they were..... but now sony are rumoured to be doing the same. it's just the most amazing bundle since sliced bread!! lololololololol i've never met such a bunch of hypocrites in my life!

man you've just gotta love this place!

mindedone4480d ago

Can you link to those that derided a XboxGta bundle and turned around and praised a PlaystationGta bundle? Are they the same people?

le killer4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

threads from over three weeks ago dude??? there was a couple of BIG stories about how desperate micrsosft were because they were gonna do a gta bundle?? both stories were in-excess of 150 comments!

tel me how to find the stories without searching through the pages, and i'll provide the links mate!

edit: i love the disagree trolls! so there was'nt microsoft are desperate stories? is that what your trying to say????


MrBii4480d ago

Hey listen mister. Is BC really that important to you.

Did you ever stop and consider about PSN store bringing PS1 & 2 games as downloads much like XBOX Live and virtual console are doing?

PSN doesnt have maximized MB downloads and there is guaranteed no software incompatibility issue. This is the next step and this is the future.

If you want to miss out on the best of gaming, then please be my guess and continue to cry.

mindedone4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

I'm assuming that the people that are praising this bundle are the ones that are disparaging the xbox bundle, since the claims you make would not seem to make sense to me if they are separate individuals (seeing as fanboydom is not some "collective.") If I am correct, then you can look up prior comments from ANY individual poster by going onto their profiles.

Fanboy PS praising bundle PS and disparaging bundle X is hypocritical. Fanboy PSa praising bundle PS and fanboy PSb disparaging bundle X is not.

EDIT: are comments recently editable for 30 minutes?

The Killer4480d ago

when ps3 drop in price last year in june, they said its desperate move but when 360 make a price drop its ok and itd time for them to do even though they should have made it a year ago!

mindedone4480d ago

The question goes to you too (assuming you aren't one in the same.) The comment you made makes the fanatics seem like a group of co-conspirators as opposed to individuals with like minded agendas. If I am wrong, and these fanboys do conspire with one another to damage the reputation of the "other" company, then I admit my error.

Official General4480d ago

@ sonarus - I agree with you, I dont know why everyone is crying about not having backwards compatibility on the PS3. I honestly see myself playing very few (if any at all) PS2 games on my PS3. For those who have a PS3 with no BC, why not just keep your PS2 and play your PS2 games on there when you need to, it's that simple. I'd most likely only play the past PS2 GTA titles on my PS3, but thats probably about it.

@ spandexxking - Yeah you are so damn right and I'm so damn glad I got the PS3 60gb version before Sony stopped selling in Europe (I live in the UK). Though both the 60 and 40 versions are the same design, there is actually quite a significant difference in appearance. The 60 version clearly looks better with the shiny chrome trim and glossy black finish on the exterior casing, not to mention the other extras that the 40gb is missing. Even though I have BC on my PS3 60gb version it aint no big thing because I havent really used it at all. However the 60gb version is the one to have, and thats for real man.

By the way that Halo 360 edition does look terrible. I actually think the 360 console altogether has quite an unattractive design. The only 360 version that looks ok is the Elite version and thats only because it's coloured in black and thats because a black colour can conceal design flaws alot easier.

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decapitator4480d ago

This is pretty big IMO, unless Rockstar will be doing the same thing for the 360.

TheExecutive4480d ago

its big nonetheless...

if this is real that is. there has been no confirmation of this bundle.

UGA_14480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

A lot of sites are just looking to add to their hits.
I made the Resistance 2 bundle in about 5 minutes in photoshop.
Take a look.

DRUDOG4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

UGA you dirty dog you, that's pretty good looking. :P

I do believe this could be true, but tough to say when it's coming from somewhere I don't know about. It makes sense since Sony was bound to do something with GTA just as MS is with the DLC. This property is way to big to not jump on the bandwagon and try to push consoles. This could be big trouble for the 360 in the EU if MS has no answer for this bundle pack and it is sold throughout Europe. I come to that conclusion since it seems that the 360 is already in a bit of trouble (except the UK) in Europe.

I know that if I was on the fence about picking a console up for GTA my mind would be made up very easily by this bundle...

EDIT: @UGA. Agreed. This would (will, if true) be big worldwide. I figured that Sony had something up there sleave and wouldn't be surprised if this hits the states. Makes sense since (did I just actually write that two times in one post?!?) with all the recent SKU "discussions" about the 80gb here in NA. My buddy might have to reconsider the MGS bundle and move his time frame up to a GTA bundle! Bubbles for the pic as well...

UGA_14480d ago

Thanks DRUDOG,

Signs are starting to point to it being legit, which I hope is the case. It would be great to see this show up in the states as well.

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Buubar4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

A perfect bundle for all those migrating from the PS2 to the PS3 for GTA:IV.

Nice work.

Fruit Loops4480d ago

It's PS3's way to reach the masses.

pwnmaster30004480d ago

like i said before sony cn and will outsell 360 version of gtaIV and outsell 360 even more. hahahahaha and xbots were like "its almost april sony fan, can c the fear in its eye" hahahahaha omg there so pathetic. bye 360 you put a good fight, but just like your xbot fans, you fail

chaosatom3334480d ago

PS3 just doesn't want to kill xbox now, it wants to murder it in hardware sales.

Isaya854480d ago

I Knew it I knew all along that Sony had something up they're sleeve

PopEmUp4479d ago

This is just the beginning xbox gonna get ownz quicker this year

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PStriple7034480d ago

the 360 is gonna be in trouble when this bundle drops and MGS4 bundle drops....

kevoncox4480d ago

Huge mistake by MS. You would think that Ms would have ensured that they would have been the only one with a bundle for 50 mil

FishFingers4480d ago

Yeah, and it's already happening. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (a PS3 only game) is top of the UK charts at the moment and the console seems to be selling well. Things can only get better from here.

mindedone4480d ago

I don't think there is a way that MS can bar Sony from making bundles or bar retailers from making bundles.

kornbeaner4480d ago

Actually there is. Since neither MS nor Sony own the publishing rights to GTA, as part of the 50 mil contract MS could've had some sort of package only clause in their contract. Pretty much the same way they negotiated on the DLC episodes, they could've done the same for Bundles and skins pretty much whatever they wanted. This is America with the right amount of money you can buy someone's soul, A bundle deal wouldn't have been that hard to do.

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