EB Canada Still Running "Return Haze" Promotion

EB Canada was instructed to cease their "Return Haze in a week for a full refund" promotion by Ubisoft. Current promotional material out of Canada suggest that the promotion is back on.

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drunkpandas3873d ago

Ubisoft is gonna be pissed...

wow4u3873d ago

Ubisoft is probably the one funding this promotion.

This serves one purpose: To get Haze onto the sales charts.

Ubisoft (and / or Sony) smells a flop, so they're trying to get the title onto the sales chart.

Its happens in the book industry too. The Publisher will BUY the books themselves in order to get on the sales charts. Its highly frowned upon, and looked as a corruption/cheating.

The game store is *CERTAINLY* not funding this themselves (why on earth would they?).

fiercescuba3873d ago

As stated in what I wrote, this COULD be a savvy marketing tool. Sort of using that mantra, "This game is so good, we bet you don't return it"

If the game does suck... people are going to look kind of stupid here.

Palodios3873d ago

Wasn't it Ubisoft the one who cancelled the promotion to begin with?

drunkpandas3873d ago

Ubisoft did have the first promotion stopped. Maybe they just weren't keen to the wording. It's the same graphics and all. The new promo just says they're very confident in the game and that's why they're doing this.

taz80803873d ago

Ubisoft may be pissed butit does cause some stir over the game and perhaps turn some people onto it even thought hey werent even thinking of getting it. Interesting move all around.

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taz80803873d ago

Interesting that Canada is still pushing this promo.

drunkpandas3873d ago

I guess you can think about it like mail in rebates. A large percentage of people will forget about returning it and end up keeping the game.

fiercescuba3873d ago

There has to be a reason that this is only run in Canada and nowhere else. Not saying it has anything to do with Canada; just seems strange.