The DS VS PSP Flame War

From the article:

''Recently I posted an article about the graphics difference between the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. The intentions I had with the article were totally different to the responses I found in the comments section. In a way I could have expected the article to get flamed but strangely enough something bigger evolved. Let's take a look shall we…''

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PS360WII4478d ago

Well he can point out game ratings all he wants but DS does have better games and sales prove that point. PSP has amazing graphics but most developers look at it and say why not just make a console game then. PSP is a fun handheld for sure but I'll happily take my DS over my PSP... you know if I had to choose ;)

sonarus4478d ago

ds doesn't have better games, it has more variety. I own both but i leave my ds for my sis to plsy and i bought a psp for god of war chains. i don't play hand held games unless i am travelling or something. If i was on a 4/5hr flight, i would rather have a psp than a ds though because psp games appeal to me more. madden 08, portable ops, smck down vs raw 06, syphon filter logans shadow, god of war chains. I can't think of any ds game i would put above any of these seriously.

PS360WII4478d ago

Come on DS has Contra 4, FF Tactics, Ninja Gaiden, FF XII, SimCity, FFIII, Crystal Chronicles, Mario, Front Mission, Secret of Mana, and so many more. PSP is fun every 5 months or so while DS gets fun new games every other week about.

titntin4478d ago

Sorry dude - but you are so wrong.

I'm not gonna pretend that the DS has not had some inventive games, but it also packs untold levels of shovelware and is home to some of the worst software of this generation. I can see why it appeals to kids and grannies, but as a gamer I find I hardly ever turn mine on despite having a M3 simply and stack of titles. The PSP however, still gets attention in this house, and it speaks volumes that my wife had to get her own PSP, as she got tired with using the DS.

Whilst I can appreciate the business acumen and the game design behind the DS - its never managed to scratch my own gaming 'itch' and I've rarely found the touch screen to be anything other than 'novel'. The psp definitely has delivered for my tastes - having just enjoyed Final Fantasy Crisis Core and God of War on the PSP, I fail to see any titles that could even come close to competing with these on the DS - and I still play Puzzle Quest and Loco Roco to this day.

It takes all tastes of course, but trying to equate sales with quality is pretty weak argument. If sales were any indication of quality I'd have to acknowledge a band like 'Take That' as brilliant musicans and singers instead of the formulaic pap they are... :)

sonarus4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

the only game on that list that really interests me is mario. I already have it and i have beaten it a couple of times. Contra would be nice but i don't consider it above any game on that list. Don't really like handheld rpgs either because i don't play handhelds for long spans. As for ninja gaiden dragon sword the stylus controls sort of put me off but i will still give it a try but Ninja gaiden isn't that great. Isn't above syphon filter, god of war or portable ops

leon764478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

At PS360wii - Here, man:
GTA vice city and liberty city stories;
God War
Tekken Dark Ressurection
Wipeout pulse
Burnout legends and Dominator
MGS portable ops and ops+
Syphon Filter
No game in DS can match with this titles, no one!!!!
And more, when we talk about games that are in both consoles, they all play WAY better in the sorry, you are wrong!
Ds fun every week? if you like nintedodogs and similar,ok!
Edit: God war chain olimpus COMPLETLY different from PS2 versions (even Gta for the PSP and PS2 have differences)
FF VII CC put in the thrash every FF game on DS
Patapon is more fun that any game of DS
Burnout legends IS NOT IN PS2!!!
Syphon Filter is one of the best games on PSP - go see reviews...
MGS portable ops is not OK game is SPECTACULAR GAME, that, as I said,any game on ds can't match!!!!....I'm just saying..... You never played this games, didn't you....

PS360WII4478d ago

No man who has played the PS1 and PS2 can complain about shovelware. The depth of field of games the DS has is not only sickening it is amazing. Yes they have crap games but they also have a plethra of simply amazing games.

Obviously the majority of this site loves Sony so for me to say I like the DS more is sheer hypocricy but I don't lie to myself. The DS has great games and is populated with games for people older than 20 along with having games for kids and older. It can do all the homebrew and video watching and music listening that the PSP has to offer as well.

Plus developers love to make many games on it. If that's any advantage that would be it. You'll see the best named developers wanting to make a DS game while you hardly see a peep from them about the PSP.

PS360WII4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )


GTA vice city and liberty city stories: PS2
God War: PS2
Tekken Dark Ressurection: PS2
FF VII CC: great story decent everything else
Patapon: fun game
Wipeout pulse: PS2
Burnout legends and Dominator: PS2
Locorocco: PSN
MGS portable ops and ops+: okay game
Syphon Filter: horrible AI and PS2

I'm not saying I'm just saying

edit: I have played and own those games. Yes I have the PSP and DS and I play both rather frequently and no you are completely wrong saying the PSP has the better collection of games I have played them all. Crisis Core is a fun game but doesn't have half of what can be found on a DS Final Fantasy game. Most of those games that you listed have a better version of on the PS2 so no need to have it on the PSP as well.

sonarus4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Well that is your preference Ps360wii, however i still prefer the psp. Same way i would take a 360 and a ps3 before the wii. Their games simply don't appeal to me and the type of games i would like are usually crap.

PSP games smackdown vs raw 2006, madden 08, logans shadow, god of war, portable ops and star wars battle front. If i had custom fw, i would get a whole lot more but i honestly don't play hand helds enough to start buying luminees and all doin this or that.
DS games. Mario 64, diddy kong racing, mario kart, mario party (lol yea yea). Basically everything else is useless and i only bought most of thos games because of nintendo 64 nostalgia. However those are the games i find worth my time on ds. There are other games on psp i haven't tried yet but i pretty much have all i need on ds right there

BlackIceJoe4478d ago

Time and time again I have seen you (PS360WII) come out on the PSP vs DS topics and bash the PSP. Yes you may say the PSP is good and all but when ever the article may say the PSP is a better system you always deny that.

I my self lean more on the side of the PSP. But I really like games like Phoenix Wright. I also enjoy Trauma Center too.
So I know the DS has great games. Just those are about it for me. I am not saying those are the only fun games just to my tastes (Me) they are.

So yes I too think the DS is a good system. Yet when I see you try and make the PSP look like it is an inferior system it sickens me because both are great. They just are different and that is all. I for one see nothing wrong with that. So you can disagree with the article all you want but you can't say the PSP sucks.

PS360WII4478d ago

hey got to stand up for what I believe right? Yes you will always see me defend the DS and yes you will see me say the PSP is good but. I just can't help it. Most only like the PSP because Nintendo didn't make it and they can play old games on it not because they think it's a great handheld.

See that's where I differ I think the DS is a great handheld due to the title it amasses for itself and it's variety of genres and most of the titles work well and play well and developers think so too.

Plus I never say the PSP sucks I just say the DS is better :)

Mr_Kuwabara4478d ago

Okay, I get it, the games that show up on the PSP are similar from the PS2 but then again, aren't the Nintedno DS games the same as other Nintendo consoles?

Mario Every Nintendo consoles (Even Virtual Boy)
Wario (Nintendo consoles Virtual boy)
Zelda (Nintendo consoles)
Donkey Kong (Nintendo consoles)
Final Fantasy (Nintendo consoles)
Pokemon (Nintendo consoles)
Metroid (Nintendo consoles)

Now the Wii is more and more becoming like a console DS with crazy casual games that saw that have become bigger thanks to the success of the DS. I understand that the PSP wants to copy the success of its father (PS2) but you can't leave the DS behind when it comes to game "mock-ups"

PS360WII4478d ago

Well sure Nintendo will always make Nintendo games on there systems. The DS however has every well know, not know, indie, somewhat new developer wanting and making a DS title. DS has an open inventation for more games not only from Nintendo. It's the one system they have that people strive to make a game for. It'll have the casual, hardcore, rpg, action, side scroller, anything really even new genres plus you can't put it on another system if they use the touch screen.

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BilI Gates4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )


My DS Lite has been collecting dust for months now while lately I've been playing Jeanne d'Arc, WipEout Pure, WipEout Pulse, FF Tactics: TWOTL, God of War: COO, Patapon, Disgaea: AoD, etc etc. I guess if I had to choose between the two I'd have to go with my PSP.

Can you view porno, listen to music, watch videos, watch movies, and etc etc on YOUR DS? I don't think so.

DS might be winning in sales but the PSP is simply and by far the better handheld device.

- Bill

PS360WII4478d ago

DS can do all that PSP can do with it's homebrew you just need to pick up a R4 SD card or some of the other hacked stuff. Plus you don't need to worry about the next update either with the DS.

YoMeViet4478d ago

the PSP can emulate DS there

ItsDubC4478d ago

PSP can emulate the DS' stylus controls?

Even if the PSP can emulate DS games, I don't see stylus-heavy DS games being incredibly playable on the PSP. The sylus opens up a world of opportunities, and works particularly well w/ RTSs.

And yes, the DS can play music and videos using apps such as MoonShell, which is included w/ the R4, M3, SuperCard, etc.

meepmoopmeep4478d ago

if DS games can be emulated i would think without a stylus and touch sensitive screen it would take about 90% of the fun out of the game. DS is good for what it does and i wouldn't bother with the headache of what an emulation of its games would be like.

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Rick Astley4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I have a DS and I don't even use it. The PSP is capable of doing way more than just play games, right outta the box.

Apokalypsis4478d ago

"Rick Rolled"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow Flare4478d ago

Technically apokalypsis, i don't think Rick Astley can Rick Roll himself

Wicked Sick4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Rick Astley can go back in time and rick roll himself thus creating a time paradox.

destroyah4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Nintendo DS still sucks. Take it from me, I have two of'em.

Kaz Hirai4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

This SLUG dares to compare that TOY with my PerfectionStation Portable???
Emperor Kutaragi- we must finish him.....


Edit: Greetings, harry190! I'll tell you what's up- Nazisoft and Nintendouche's time is up!


leon764478d ago

Toy, that's no toy, is a nice piece of ...., even for the kids, is retarded!!!!!!! nintendodogs, retarded brain training, tamagochi like games....Ahahahaha!!!
PSP is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! No handheld console match the perfect gagdget that is the PSP!!!!!!!!! Stop stupid comparasions!!!!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44478d ago

Finish them good!!! ;-D
PSP = Next-Gen Masterpiece! ;-P
DS = Last-Gen Toy(1980's Game&Watch)! ;-D

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