1080P, AKA Apple TV's Downfall

Applematters Hadley Stern writes:

"I love my Apple TV. It streams all my music in an easy to use way. My kids can watch their favorite Lego Star Wars video for the umpteenth time (YouTube is my youngest sons idea of television). I can stream photos of just mentioned children to my TV. Watching video podcast rocks. But there is one downfall to Apple TV when it comes to video."

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Fishy Fingers4239d ago

Apples downfall, or Digital Downloads downfall as a whole?

decapitator4239d ago

I think Apple TV's downfall but DD won't be taking off anytime soon so there isn't anything to fall of from.

TriggerHappy4239d ago

I think both IMO. I like the pysical medium than than the whole DD thing.

athlon7704238d ago

For the time being. Faster and faster connection speeds are on the horizon, once every house has a connection as fast as Comcasts' latest (50mgps) for under $30.00 per month and not the $150.00 that Comcast is currently charging, then yes, I can see digital download working by delivering a true 1080P picture with lossless audio. But that will be a long way off. And at a time where every house has yet to get high speed internet (high speed being classified as anything over 512kbps) this should give you a good idea of where we stand.

In a previous posting (the one where xbox said downloading a hd movie will take less than 15min), I stated that until there is fiber optic cable running into each and every house across this continent, DD will not be widespread. I am not saying that DD will not take off or will not be some peoples choice to watch movies or TV shows, just it will not take the world by storm until such time that there is fiber into each and every house.

niall774239d ago

they both have been living happy in the music world I dont see why they cant get along when it comes to movies and games :(

green4239d ago

What you said is absolutely spot on.Both will happily coexist along each other.

decapitator4239d ago

delusional folks and bitter HD DVD fans think like that. Every sane person know that DD won't be taken off soon. It's amazing the number of people I know and not a SINGLE one of them even wanna buy tv shows from the cable company because they feel ripped off.

P4KY B4239d ago

When its possible to illegally download a 43 min long HD divx TV show in under 1 hour, it cant be that hard for legal alternatives to do it in real time.

With SD divx, I can DD an episode of southpark in under 6 mins! Or BSG in under 20mins.

For me DD is real and working now.

Yes I agree physical media still has its place for thing you want to keep. But for disposable TV shows and 'crap' movies DD is so easy and quick.

SmokeyMcBear4239d ago

but why would you want to download a tv show when you can just tivo it? People paying for things that they can get for free is never a model that would work

Bladestar4239d ago

Why? Why do you think they are against DD? That's easy... two answer... Blu-ray and Microsoft.... people that hated microsoft before launch at the idea of having a "PC on every home"... also at the idea that console (original xbox) using broadband only.

Nothing new here...

take at look at decapitator comments... "Every sane person know that DD won't be taken off soon" they actually believe that there arent any movie digital distribution going on... they ignore completely that the cable company is being distributing digitally (movies on demand, HBO on demand, Apple, XBox live marketplace, Netflix, Media Center, and the list goes on and one) for people like him... digital distribution is 20 years away... when broadband speed is doubling every year...

I am willing to accept the fact that physical distribution will exist for a while and that it will coexist with digital distribution for a while... as far as purchasing is concern... but rental? we are already seen the impact of digital distribution today... where are those mom and pops video stores we used to see? how come many blockbuster are closing? why is netflix offering a digital distribution alternative through their website?

For rental there is no reason to use physical distribution... I undestand if you want to own it... physical disc is more apealing... but why would I want to drive to the video store for 20-30 minutes to get the movie and then 20-30 to return the movie.. or wait 2-3 days for netflix to send me the movie when I can download a movie in a few minutes... for example... xbox live allows you to start watching the movie within minutes at 720P....

Rental will eventually be killed by digital distribution... specially now that blu-ray drive themselves will probably be able to connect online and play movies.... now in days some TV are being made with this capability built in...

When (not a matter of if) prices are main stream, access is easier...
I don't think broadband speed is the factor (though important) into DD adoption... it can't take longer than it takes for me to received a netflix movie than to download a movie... 3 days to download a movie? is the pricing! People would be dowloading overnight... I would do what I do with netflix... add to my list all the movies I want to watch... and let it download... the device(xbox 360) would turn off itself when is done.. like it does when downloading demos.

If these digital distribution services would provide the same movies video store offer.. cheaper rental and/or subcription fee... 12 movies a month for $19.95. we wouldn't be talking about how far off digital distribution is...

Bladestar4239d ago

@SmokeyMcBear - I am guilty of doing this on xbox live... and I agree... I have a DVR and record all my shows... but what if you didn't record it? what if you don't want to wait 3 days for it to get here?

A while back I got into a show called Jericho (sadly they just cancelled)... I rented the first 3 disc.. and spent my weekend watching it.... I was and still am adicted to the show...

Here were my options....

A) Go to the video store and get 1 disc (3 episodes)... which I did... and they didn't have the disc!

B) wait 3 days for netflix to send me the disc..

C) get it on xbox live which is the same price as renting it.. but save myself the trip to the store...

what do you think I picked!?

Yeah.. what kind of idiot would pay for a show they can record in the next day or two? but what if you miss the show and they are not giving it on TV?

What if the show you missed is from this season? now you have to wait 6 months for it to come on DVD to be able to rent it... when on xbox live is available the same day it airs?

Xbox live services and other digital distribution have a unique feature that no DVR can offer... all the episodes and seasons available... so if you came late into the show... miss an episode.. you have the option of watching it on your TV...

that's how I use the services... I just don't rent shows I can watch on TV or record on my DVR... I didn't rent Jericho last season... no 24.... I recorded it on my DVR...

There is a use for these kind of services.... also.. your argument can also be apply to shows DVD rentals...

"but why would you want to rent a DVD when you can just tivo it? People paying for things that they can get for free is never a model that would work"

P4KY B4239d ago

Because i live in the UK and we dont get the TV shows for serveral months, if not years.

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meepmoopmeep4239d ago

it'll be a while yet to get true 1080p video and uncompressed HD audio via direct download.

Bladestar4238d ago

It will be a while for the majority of the mass market to have a 51' 1080P TVs.... don't you think? when many people try to bring down DD they talk about 1080P... when most HD TVS will not even play at 1080P... 1080P on small TVs are a waste of money... why do you think TV networks are not broadcasting to 1080P next year? 720P is more than enough for the mainstream... the average TV size is not 51' nor 1080P....

I also find funny that many of the people talking about 1080P do not even own a 1080P.... so why would they need 1080P digital distribution.

Bonsai12144238d ago

i disagree bladestar. pretty much every tv sold today includes 1080p. no one goes, oh, i'll take that 480i crt set. whether the set is good or not is another story, but 1080p is pretty much a standard feature if you leaf through best buy, circuit city or fries advertisements

TheExodus4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Hmm, I bought a 42-inch DLP that has a max. resolution of 720P because it was less than ½ the price of a comparable 1080P set at the time.

Pain4238d ago

Its the content that kills, not the lack of 1080p.

i Dont Hate mine...

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