The next NVIDIA cards, not so hot? writes:

"So you finally have enough loot, I mean, money to buy that new NVIDIA graphics card everyone's hyping about. Well, sorry to spoil your mood, but it would seem that the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards isn't as next-gen as you might have expected or wished. According to rumors discussed on, the new series will bring only relatively small technical improvements, compared to the 9900s. As a matter of fact, this last series wasn't much better than the previous one: we have a single core 9900GTX and a 9900GX2 quite similar to the 9800GX2, with its two GPUs.

The reason for this lies in NVIDIA's market strategy. You see, they have to confront the "tides of darkness" from AMD's graphics cards. And they won't stand the thought of AMD winning the technical showdown, not even once. But in order to come always on top, they must hurry up with their own product releases and, simply put, there's not enough time for NVIDIA's wizards to summon up a really impressive graphics monster.

Instead, what we get looks like monsters in weak RPGs: you meet imps on the first dungeon level, then, on the second level, slightly more dangerous red imps, then black imps with yellow dots. Only on the seventh level will you encounter the much dreaded succubus. Well, NVIDIA, we kinda want the succubus now! (And don't tell us we need those imps for farming purposes.)"

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kornbeaner4478d ago

This unfortunately is one negative cost of competition, Nvidia will be damned if AMD/Ati wins at least one battle and feel they need to put out slightly better products in a shorter lifespan then normal. the only upside to this is that on paper these cards are f*cken awesome and some well made drivers for these cards will boost performance, but of course if you already spent $600 on a card you don't want to wait for drivers.

I just hope that ATi can pick up some steam and light a fire under Nvidia that way we can see a graphics card war like we did in the mid 90's. Can't remember the companies I believe it was Voodoo and Banshee that were battling it out and that produced so much as far as innovation that I want to see that again.

Wicked Sick4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Protecting Nvidia or Ati...
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I agree with you, I really hope Ati/Amd steps up.

I always vote for the "losing" when it comes to graphics.

Competition is the best thing for the graphics industri and It has helped it become what it is today, though I am kinda troubled with Nvidia's position in the market nowadays.

But Im sure Ati will come up with something.

kornbeaner4478d ago

Things can change, but the problem I'm seeing is that AMD/ATi are taking the same approach to their products that Sony took with the PS3. AMD/Ati have released some of the most Innovative and powerful products so far but harnessing the power has been very hard and not to mention that the current versions of Windows are a lot more friendly with Intel and Nvidia products then they are with AMD/ATi products.

The one thing I believe AMD/ATi should do is try to expand the Linux market. Linux is meant to be very free and expandable and that in my eyes is something that AMD/ATi can use to their advantage if they so choose do. Because I really don't see Microsoft trying to help out AMD/ATi anytime soon.

Horny Melon4478d ago

as I type this. My gaming rig had a heart attack about 6 months ago, thanks to a power spike and a PSU that did not function as advertised. I was just getting ready to build a new one with a couple of 9800gx2s. Now they are announcing 9900s? WTF. It's caused me to stop and think. Many cards from two generations ago still play games fine, aside from crysis, so what's the point of buying the newest wiz bang card? I think I'll just hold off until they put the GPU on the same die as the CPU, or ditch the GPU all together, or ditch the CPU, depending on who's hype you believe.

Fux4Bux4478d ago

Yeah the Nvidia has like back tracked since the 8800 series began since ATI cards couldn't compete. 9800 series is kind of a joke compared to what cards they could be releasing if there was tight competition.

Kakkoii4478d ago

The Nvidia 9900 was announced a while back if you do some searching.

Just not officially.

Fudzilla posted specs long ago about the 9900 (aka: GT200 chip)

It will apparently have over 1 BILLION transistors.. That's 25% more then the 9800GTX at the least.

So we can expect some huge performance gain with the 9900GTX

NiteWarrior4478d ago

Honestly i still consider NVIDIA cards from 2 years ago to be "next-gen" video card for me