AMD Makes Big Gains in Graphics

AMD did a rather better job of selling graphics chips in Q4 2007 than it did in the previous quarter. But then so did its arch rival, Intel, market watcher Jon Peddie Research said last week.

According to JPR's latest figures, AMD took 22.8 per cent of GPU sales in Q4 2007, up 3.7 percentage points from 19.1 per cent in Q3. AMD's share of the market was just over half of what Intel achieved: 41.1 per cent, up from 38 per cent in Q3.

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TriggerHappy3874d ago

Good to hear. Now lets see if they can keep their momentum up.

decapitator3874d ago

It will be hard. The competition is heating up but am interested to see if that happens.

Fux4Bux3874d ago

Probably going to be short lived. Nvidia has prettymuch been stagnant since the 8800 launch just releasing cheaper more efficient parts. It'll be interesting to see what each puts out for the next wave of cards. I always just buy whatever is the best bang for the buck around the $200-300 range.

Tyrael3873d ago

Big gains in graphics? I'll call it a big gain once they put out a card that plays Crysis at top settings