Sony Bullish on Blu-ray Dominance

Sony wants to own 50 per cent of the Blu-ray Disc hardware market by the end of the year, according to a company executive.

Ryoji Chubachi, President and electronics CEO at Sony, made the bold statement during a recent press conference in Taipei, according to a DigiTimes report.

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Fishy Fingers3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

50%? Thats extremely optimistic in my eye's. It's possibly, but very unlikely.

decapitator3845d ago

Gotta agree with you there unless they have a 'massive' price drop planned across the board.

lesferdinand3845d ago

If you include PS3s but apparently that's not what he meant. I doubt they can (or should) get 50% of the stand-alone player market with the PS3 out there. I'd say it's better to sell a PS3 to a movie fan and hope he'll also use it to play a game or two (unless they still sell them for less than they cost to manufacture).

UGA_13845d ago

50% of "Blu-ray Disc hardware market", how do they not control more than 20% now? It blows my mind that someone would buy a standalone Blu-ray player, when you get much more value from your money with a PS3.

Fishy Fingers3845d ago

Sony would probably prefer you to buy a stand alone than PS3. This is purely due to profit, the margins on a stand alone will be much better than that of a PS3 with all it's extra components.

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TriggerHappy3845d ago

Erm, they winning. Ofcourse they will be bullish. Every body else would do the same. Just because Sony is a big company, everyone will jump on them like they doing or saying something wrong.

meepmoopmeep3845d ago

for standalones it will be hard. i think the cheapest ones will be the ones with more market share.

Hellsvacancy3845d ago

i remember my old man buyin a dvd player 4 like 500quid when they first came out, u can buy a dvd-player 4 like a tenner now, but like "fingers" said sony'll make alot more profit from stand-alone players, blu-ray is gonna be the leadin disk 4mat 4 5-7 years (optimistically) many other companys will/are adopting the format.

decapitator3845d ago

Yeah, most people know they will fall except that, they aren't falling fast enough.