Valkyria Chronicles was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive

According to a Japanese developer blog the game Valkyria Chronicles was originally planned as an Xbox 360 exclusive game. When the game was announced however, development had already switched to the Playstation 3 platform. According to publisher SEGA the game has been in development for over three years, and had switched platform early on in development. The exact reason why the developer switched to Playstation 3 was not mentioned.

Valkyria Chronicles is currently slated to hit store shelves this Fall exclusively on Playstation 3.

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SUP3R3942d ago

360's Japanese sales could play a part in their decision to switch platforms.
That and/or Sony paid them.

Scott_Steinberg3942d ago

Naw its sales.Look at NAMCO BANDAI sales in japan on the 360 its horrible.

marinelife93942d ago

Obviously because they wanted to sell some copies of the game in Japan. The wii wouldn't have the technology and the 360 doesn't have the sales.

sonarus3942d ago

lol can't believe scott steinberg is famous enough to get on n4g already

ianp6223942d ago

Sony never pays anyone, which is why they lose exclusives to Microsoft, who pays everyone. Although sometimes I wish Sony would pay for big exclusives, not paying anyone fosters a better long term relationship with developers. Notice how many developers that made games on the PS2 are going to make games exclusively on the PS3.

Anyway, of course the sales made them choose the PS3. Why would they make it on the 360 if their core market is Japan? It would be suicide.

sonarus3942d ago

don't buy that sony doesn't pay anyone crap. Sony might not pay to the extent of microsoft. 50 million for DLC is a bit too much considering you could probably make a really really big game with that budget. However there is more than one way to pay for exclusives. Different incentives, more profitability for publishers e.t.c. Sony probably does this more that just out right coming out and saying here is 50 million make us an exclusive game

Palodios3942d ago

Well, I get the striking feeling that Sony may have paid some big money for MGS4, but for the most part they save their resources for 1st and 2nd party these days. Name some big third-party exclusives (that have already been released) that have come out for the ps3. There are a lot more coming (tekken 6, and FF13 come to mind) but lately... nothing. They paid Epic to make the UE3 engine more compatible with the ps3, and I think making Unreal Tournament a timed exclusive may have been part of that, but that's the only one I can think of right now.

sonarus3942d ago

I don't know if sony paid for MGS4 because it was exclusive from the start. On the other hand, sony may have paid to KEEP it exclusive or offered some other incentives

Palodios3942d ago

Well, with the way things are, "exclusive from the start" doesn't mean anything. We've seen piles of games like Lost Planet, DMC, GTA, and so on, but considering the way third parties are, it costs much much less and makes much more profit to make a multiplatform game than make two exclusive games. There are exceptions ofcourse, like Kojima and a few other game directors that prefer to keep the integrity of the game intact and making it for one console to make it the best it can be, but for the most part games aren't developed like that. When we see a game like MGS4 that would potentially sell 5 million copies on the 360, that's a lot of cash, and I feel like Sony needed to put an incentive for them to keep it exclusive. There is no proof obviously, but it seems like NOT releasing it on the 360 would make little sense otherwise.

Lucreto3942d ago

I say Sony pay for some exclusives but they keep it quiet unlike MS.

gaffyh3942d ago

Obviously they switched because of the sales of 360 in Japan.

I really would like to see Sega join forces with Sony. Or with apple and make the Apple iGame or something, that would be awesome...

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niall773942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

the game looks very "japanese" and games with that style bomb on 360.

and Im sure the ultra poor sales of the 360 in japan also had something to do with it.

DEADEND3942d ago

I really can't wait to get my hands on this game this fall, I've been waiting a long time to play a really good JRPG for the PS3 and this will hold me until FFXIII comes out next year.

[email protected]3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Hmmmmm, that' a interesting comment and easily explain my actual mind state. ButI never thought such a good game will arrive on xbox360 ^__^. But, anyway now it's on the way to be a PS3 tittle and that's what I like even if it was a xbox360 tittle at first now it's the future a PS3 exclusive so far and one of my most buy this year ^__^.

BeaArthur3942d ago

This is why it's good to own both. Just incase.

ceedubya93942d ago

having both isn't it. You don't miss out on games unless you want to, and you don't have to get involved in the "my console is better than yours" debate because you really shouldn't care.

leon763942d ago

Talking about losing exclusives........

pwnmaster30003942d ago

haha funny but unlike micro rich ass sony doesnt have to pay for anything. devs just choices the right and better machine

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