Yahoo rejects Microsoft ultimatum

Yahoo on Monday morning published a letter rebuffing Microsoft's imposed three-week deadline to accept a takeover bid, dismissing many of the claims made in the original argument. The formal rejection again states that Microsoft's $31 per share bid "substantially undervalues" Yahoo and adds that the actual value of the deal has decreased since it was suggested in late January, with Microsoft's share value having dropped while Yahoo's has increased.

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HarryEtTubMan4243d ago

EVERYONE HATES MICRSOFT BECAUSE THEY ARE A MONOPOLY... ALL of their products are SH!TTY and they are FORCING you to use Vista in June. Like it or not.

They dont make money like Sony.... because they are KNOWN to make their products of the HIGHEST quality hahahahahhahaha

Death to Microsft. I hate how they run Xbox Live.

tehReaper4243d ago

No one is forcing anyone to get Vista. You have a consumer option to get a Mac, douchebag. What are you using now? Windows? Ouch, you're on a Microsoft product. You hate it, yet you haven't switched? Double ouch.

Xbox Live runs circles around anyone's online service, so don't dis it.

I'm sick of all of you fanboys. You can't let two tech superior consoles survive because you're ignorant.

You do realize if there was only one console on the market, you wouldn't have the features you have today and in the near-future, right? Competition brings innovation. If they have nothing to compete with, why would they try so hard to keep you satisfied?

In a one-console world there would be Developer fanboys. "EPIC KIKS INSOMNIAC IN TEH BALZZ" "REDY AT DWN MRDERS RAREEE" "SEGA PWNZ EA LOLZ"


Spinner4243d ago

Not if you're a PC gamer ... you're forced to use Windows.

Or at least a linux/windows dual boot.

tehReaper4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Yeah, and no one is forcing you to be a PC gamer. See, we live in a sweet world where there are choices. If you have no motivation to buy a Microsoft product...get a PS3 or Wii.

Judging by the disagrees, looks like the Sony brigade is here.
You guys DO realize I have a PS3, right? I'm not sure which console I like more, but I'm not going to take a side. I've been defending the 360 more recently because fanboys like you are making up crap about it all the time. Just leave it be. If 360 fanboys attack you, just ignore them. You people need to grow up. The real enemy is people like Jack Thompson, who tries to ban games. Not companies that wish to expand games.

EDIT: See you bastards are ignorant. I'm leaving. This isn't News for Gamers, it's news for stupid fcking fanboys.

decapitator4243d ago

And so it continues. They issued the ultimatum on Saturday and now yahoo has rejected for a second time. Wonder what their next move will be.

MADGameR4243d ago

Reject the evil Microsoft! XD

Fishy Fingers4243d ago

MS may have been a little to forth coming here and shot themselve's in the foot.

TrevorPhillips4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Microsoft have been a pain in the ass these days especially EA

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The story is too old to be commented.