Spring Dashboard update bugs out

"It looks like consoles just turned into unreliable PCs." Chilling words for those naive souls who thought background downloading came without a Mephistophelian price. Xbox 360 owners across the web report various problems with the Spring Dashboard Update ranging from choppy, unwatchable video clips to negative effects on certain games. XboxFanBoy has posted a list of complaints collected from the various game forums.

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bernie6529d ago

Downloaded the Xbox360 update and the Oblivion update and everything's fine. All the new features work great!

Majunior6529d ago

i got the update and then dl the halo 3 trailer to show a friend it was skippin like a ba$tard!!! But besides that no other problems...havnt played oblivion in awhile maybe ill check it out to c if it takes longer to load...M$ another update plz!

DrunKao6527d ago

I'm really happy with the spring update but I'm having one problem and it's with videos. Ever since I updated, whenever I watch any of the videos it skips. Not really bad but it's still noticeable and annoying. I don't think people should bash MS for it because they've done such a really great job with this update. I guess it's inevitable that there will be some problems. I do have faith that Microsoft will fix them as soon as possible. I've had my Xbox 360 since midnight November 22nd and this is basicly the only problem I've had with it. I love my Xbox 360 and Microsoft for what they have done and are doing with it. Does anyone know if the onscreen keyboard will ever have an option for qwerty layout?

THELANDSOFSAND6528d ago (Edited 6528d ago )

this is weird- i have had no problems and haven't heard about anyone else having any apart from in this article... my games have been running and loading fine and oblivion is working great. similarly i have no crashing or flickering on my video. could these just be unrelated coincidences? it seems odd only some people would have these bugs.

FamoAmo6528d ago

I have had no problems. I actually think my 360 is running better since the update. I also wanted to comment about the overheating.-I have had my 360 since launch and have had no problems. A friend of mine moved his 360 into his entertainment center shelf and closed the door and like 5 minutes later the red lights were flashing and he quick opened the door and thank god nothing happend but something would have if he didn't open the door. So pretty much KEEP YOU 360 IN A OPEN SPOT WHERE IT CAN GENERATE AIR EASILY. IF YOU DO THAT IT WON'T OVERHEAT!!

JPomper6528d ago

Aside from having to edit that first quote the majority of the article is composed of horribly written message board posts.

I haven't experienced once problem and am quite pleased with the update.

USMChardcharger6528d ago

is this more rumors by PS fans to make the 360 look like it is broke? (for example: the over heating rumor...i have yet to talk with anyone who owns a 360, face to face, say they have had overheating problems.) you can not really know if someone posting in forums actually owns a 360.

no problems from me either.


yes, i agree about the overheating. it is way more uncommon than some would have you believe. if they had heating issues, believe me, my 360 would be overheating!

RealDoubleJ6528d ago

there''s a UK poster in the Xbox forums who has a gamerscore of nearly 12000 points and he claims his 360 is right next to his radiator and has never had a heating problem. I'm not saying all 360's are like this. Also, it must be down to something the user themselves are doing because there are posters on the forums who are on their 4th or 5th 360. It's handy MS doesn't charge for replacements.

Jay da 2KBalla6528d ago

USM I was thinking the same thing.