The Big Issue: Can digital downloads save PC gaming? writes: "I love the idea of digital downloads. I'm lazy at the best of times, but if it's either raining or cold, or worse still both, chances are that I'm not leaving the house. Digital delivery services like Steam offer a way to get hold of the latest releases without leaving my PC chair, but I'm a little confused as to why we're paying more money for a digital version of a game that we'd get in a nice case with a printed manual if bought from a real store. Are digital download services fluffing their chance of being the saviour of PC gaming?"

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TheIneffableBob3942d ago

Digital downloads are the same price, and sometimes more expensive, than their retail counterparts because of the publishers. Hopefully that will change soon.

leon763942d ago

No, it will not.....!

Yi-Long3942d ago

... and I feel it's ruining gaming as we know it, as long as developers keep abusing the new opportunities for their own greed, instead of using them to the benefit of the gamers.

Why bother downloading a game when it's more expensive than buying the retail version? If you are gonna download, why not download an illegal copy instead while you're at it.

When the developers are trying to rip YOU off, with overpriced downloadable games (compared to the retailprices), and the whole current trend of DLC-scamming (releasing a half game, and then asking you for more money to get the rest of the game), it's not hard to see why gamers lose their 'loyalty' to these developers.

Ofcourse, you just know that instead of looking in the mirror and realising their scamming their audience, they'll just twist this all around on us and come up with the brainfart which will result in the customers having to pay EXTRA for the retailversion...

"Ow... you want a nice booklet and a case, do you!? Hmmm... sure... we'll call it a Limited Edition, and you can buy it in a store near you for 80 bucks!"

Sayai jin3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

No DD will not make a difference for PC, becuase it will be available on the 360 and PS3.

The Lazy One3942d ago

PC gaming doesn't need saving, so no?

593942d ago

PC gaming isn't in trouble, stop spamming this website with this stupid f*cking b*llshit..please

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