4 Reasons for Xbox 360 to Go as Big as Possible, ASAP

Seeking Alpha writes:

"Firstly there is the business model of the hard drive manufacturers. They compete mainly not on price, but on disk size instead. They are constantly driving up the capacity of their drives (by 40% a year compound) using technology whilst trying to keep prices constant. So the cheapest drive to buy is the one they are currently making most of. This will usually be cheaper than a smaller capacity drive.

Just now top end hard drives for home and office PCs are one terabyte (1,000 GB) with 4 terabytes on the way, so they have left the Xbox 360 way behind. Interestingly, a quick price search shows that 250 GB drives are currently cheaper than 120 GB drives. And as for the 20GB drive that Microsoft use in the Premium, in this industry that is pretty much a fossil. So it isn't even going to cost money to give us bigger hard drives"

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BeaArthur4237d ago

I have the 20 and it's fine for what I need. I would appreciate not having almost half the space taken up when I buy the console. You're not really getting 20 you really only get 12 unless you start deleting gamer pictures and all the other crap off of it.

Atomic4237d ago

Microsoft sells 20GB for $120 and they don't give you the choice.
i call that racketeering.

BeaArthur4237d ago

Atomic...technically that is not racketeering because you do not have to buy their product but I get what you are saying.

tplarkin74237d ago

20GB works. If you need space, you can delete anything you bought. If you want to view/use something you deleted, you can download it again.

I watch TV shows on Live which use up the whole drive. I just delete them knowing that I can download them again (for free, you only pay once), later.

RJ20004237d ago

Ugg. This is all MS does is just charge you more for pretty much NEEDING it but not absolutly needing it.

IdleLeeSiuLung4236d ago

That was until I downloaded a map pack for Halo 3. That download alone was half a gig (500MB). This means that of the 20GB or so, that only 12-13 is usable I get at most 24-26 map packs. This of course assumes that I have nothing else on it... which is not true.

I think there are some issues with re-downloading material you paid for too... Not sure, but something to do with other accounts on the same Xbox unable to use the content.

ZeroXMD4236d ago

people don't want their movie collection on their game console. Plus, people get ALOT of movies and don't want them taking up the space on their console, which could be put to other uses (demos, trailers, DLC, ect) Plus, COLLECTORS! people collect movies and usually don't want to wait god knows long for it to download or re-download when they can just do what they have always been doing, grabbing it off the shelf and popping it in. Think about it. Movies are usually at least half a gig. They need to face the fact that people don't want all of their movies on HDDs. That is alot of space they could be using for....lets say.....GAMING CONTENT! It is a GAME SYSTEM first and foremost. even people who already download movies on their cpus burn them off for storage, because they fill space quickly. This is all microsoft wanting to Monopolize entertainment, and they can't do it. It's the usual "Here's our stuff, ADAPT AROUND IT!" bs. Plus, if they really wanted online distribution to take over (which it won't because alot of ppl still have Dial-up), they would have made HDD STANDARD and not optional. people please, don't buy into their bs. Let the 360 be what it needs to be first, a game console.

On a second note, Don't buy the stupid arcade 360. Its a ripoff. just pay the 25 extra dollars (279 for arcade + 50 for a 512 mem card(a ripoff in it's own. you can get a gig sd card for 15) or 350 for the 20g)

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Strife Lives4237d ago

I felt that was kinda misleading, 20gig hdd bt theres like 12 or 13.after loading my mp3s,ive got 11 now.which is ok I saves are next to nothing in space.vids must be streamed. i suppose the 20gig is holding far.DLC has the potential to ruin that further into the 360s cycle.

dale14237d ago

it doesn,t make sense that ms says downloading is the future then they sell the arcade,even the premium only has 12gb really out of the 20gb available to the user,ps3 can be up graded from 40 gb,80gb to what ever is available on the market ie,250gb for the ps3 is way cheaper than the 120gb or even the 20gb if you look hard enough on the net here in the uk

Gorgon4237d ago

Interesting that someone disagreed with you. The level of inteligence in these forums is low indeed.

MURKERR4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

dale1 totally agree with you whatever harddrive is outthere it can be placed in the ps3 a 250g laptop harddrive is cheaper than the 120g hardrive for the 360

it seems the more that time goes on the more glaring mistakes are getting brought to the forefront of the 360 console ,microsoft should have thought about the 360 much more rather than rushing to be 1st to the market

games saved the 360 from outright certain death

very good games

GiantEnemyCrab4236d ago

because you need a place to store those 5-10gig installs for games on the PS3 aint that right MURKERR.

You fail at trying to be a PS3 salesmen in a 360 thread.

Spydr074236d ago

You're right, some devs choose to do an install to help loading times on the PS3. This is ultimately because a BD drive only reads at one speed. Other devs work around that problem in their coding of the game itself. It just depends on who is developing the game and what they decide to do.

Nice way to be a complete fanboy while saying nothing to disprove the legitimacy of his point. The fact that you can get a 250 GB HDD on the PS3 cheaper than you can get a 120 GB HDD on the 360 is ridiculous.

MS did make a LOT of mistakes with the 360. But then again, outside of the original XBOX and mice/keyboards, what experience does MS have with hardware? The fact that its software is very dev friendly is what saved that console. Hopefully the third time will be a charm for MS in the console market and they can make some real profit off of it. When they've already set aside 1 billion for screwing the pooch, how much profit have they really made (see current total profits - one billion = actual profit). I hope they fix this as it will be good for gamers as a whole.

gogators4236d ago

Though it has been 15 years since I started and soon folded my gaming business; there are two prices you have to consider, the wholesale and retail pricing system. This isn't just limited to MS, but all three have general control over pricing, including what the retailer is allowed to charge, the MSRP. Sometimes at release you'll occasionally see discounts like when a DVD is first released, but if you do it'll be a gift card or some other gift. Companies like Best Buy or Target aren't allowed to compete with each other and offer discounted prices.

Ms has been far too slow in considering it's current pricing index and needs to relax some of it's retail MSRP restrictions.

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Tempist4237d ago

Supposidly the downloadable movies and content is suppose to be compressed and take up less space, but that still doesn't help over all.

Looks like there's a potential for more gouging as 320s, 250s, and 200s hard drives for the 360 have the potential to be released. But the article is right; you don't offer huge download content without given the capacity to store it. That and the article never mentioned that the downloads are useless after a while and must be deleted.

HarryEtTubMan4237d ago

is all but DEAD.

Gears of War 3 is coming to PS3. Being made on PS3 with Blu ray.

Even the media is saying how hard the 360 is FLOPPING at this point in its life cycle. It has no momentum. This holiday season PS3 is going to DESTROY the 3shitty in sales.

Microshaft4236d ago

Gears of War 3 going to PS3!!!! Thats a new one ahahaha YOU WISH LMAOOOOOO

GiantEnemyCrab4236d ago

mind the fishhead he doesn't even play games. He just has penis envy all day long for a system he doesn't own.

TurdStationPee4236d ago

Actually, he owns a 360. He's just a dumbass.

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