CVG's Ninja Gaiden II Week - Day 1: The History of Hayabusa

Welcome to the start of CVG's exclusive Ninja Gaiden II week. You may have already noticed everybody's favourite ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, staring you down when you jumped onto the CVG homepage this morning? Go take a look if you didn't, CVG spent more time than you'd imagine doing that (well Andy did).

So to kick off an awesome week of coverage, which will include previews, screens, movies and competitions, CVG are going to start with a look back at the Ninja Gaiden series and in particular the main events of Ninja Gaiden on Xbox (you've been warned if you never played it - there will be spoilers). It's been going longer than you think.

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otherZinc4237d ago

Great game, cant wait, GOTY candidate for sure.

wageslave4237d ago

I think you're right. Every video we've seen till now shows epic settings, varied gameplay.

The fighting is being described as subtle and deep - not just another button masher.

This is just a fantastic looking game.

texism4237d ago

Lol! At CVG, they have this ninja gaiden ad that says "stare death in the face. Rollover to challenge Ryu now." As soon as you do, Ryu just jumps at you and hacks the camera with his scythe and then you die. I thought it was hilarious.

wageslave4237d ago

This is a pre-purchase for me, it looks stellar.