Spotlight on Red Faction 3: Guerrilla

Those of you relatively new to gaming might not remember Red Faction 1 or 2. Volition's spacey first person shoot 'em up series took place on Mars, and featured the usual gun action spliced with an engaging storyline of Guerrilla warfare on the red planet. The game's main selling point however was a rudimentary environmental damage system called "Geomodding" - basically the ability to be able to fire a powerful weapon at certain parts of the game's levels in order to progress or trigger off physics-based puzzles and scenarios...

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Palodios4481d ago

Sounds good to me. I don't think there is a fps single player campaign I have enjoyed more. I can only imagine what they can do with geo-mod nowadays.

Amp4481d ago

Fun Weapons and blowing things up! Pick em up if you havent played them. Cant get into the base in the mountain? Blow holes through the mountain! Case specific, of course, but still very fun!

leon764481d ago

Sounds great to me too! I have Red faction 2, and i liked it very much! Just hope this innovations, geomod turn this game more spectacular than its precedents!

Luca Blight4481d ago

Red Faction 1 and 2 are considered old? They were released for the PS2 for godsake! Usually aren't comments like these reserved for games from the pre-NES/NES days?

xionpunk4480d ago

I loved the single player campaign in RF1 and the multiplayer was awesome in the second. I'm super excited about seeing how this one turns out.

WINZLOW4480d ago

all games should implement all shooter angles to accomodate every single gamers need. give me bubbles and agree with me if you agree. RED FACTION!