The Xbox 360 is not dead – far from it

IT Wire writes:

"Console sales are always about the software – no matter what else your games console can – or can't do – if it has no software, i.e. games, it won't sell. The Nintendo Gamecube had vastly fewer titles available for it than the original Xbox and the PS2, and likewise sold far fewer units despite still having some well known Nintendo original titles.

Australian journalist, publisher and proprietor of 4SquareMedia, David W Richards, whose survey conducted by 4SquareMedia publications Channel News and SmartHouse, shows that gaming software will be the big driver of consoles sales in 2008. Then Richards goes on to quote retailers who say that "PS3 was selling well because it had a Blu-ray drive and that the Nintendo Wii was appealling to both women and "Kids" because of it's interactive capability."

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Maddens Raiders4242d ago

I just read an article on ITWire that stated indeed it is dead (at least if retailers had their wish):

Fishy Fingers4242d ago

"Halo 3 was big on the Xbox but that was about it. They have tried discounting and value add offers and even that is not working. We are even thinking of dumping the console all together"

So that's 2 contradictory posts from the same website? I guess we can but both down as rubbish. The xbox is and will continue to move in good numbers, ok possibly behind the PS3 but what difference does that make, it still makes retailers money, dropping it would be irrational.

Jack Meahoffer4242d ago

Is that they seems to forget this generation wasn't launched with equal competitors. SONY WAS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO WIN! Its like Honda worring about Kia beating them so they post articles everyday saying Kia is dead.

The real story here is how badly the PS3 launched and is just now gaining momentum. Sony has already lost ground and the Sony fans are so sensitive about it they have to post flamebait articles to try and reinforce that their console "is going to win end the end". YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO WIN! Whats taking so long?!

Where is your HOME? Where is your in game voice chat? Oh thats right.... Its coming... Some day.

Keep pating yourselves on the back for selling 25k more units last year. Just shows how over defensive and hurt you are that your champion has lost chunks of its armor this generation. WAAAAAH!

kevoncox4242d ago

Lol... I love Sony fanboys.. You can smell the desperation all over them... They console has finally out sold the 360 for 2 months and they declear the console war over. Lol, You guys are the greatest. You're not even buying games, you just sit and steer at your console all day long. Go buy a game, put it in that wonderful slot loading drive and play the system to death.

Lets face it when it comes to money, Ms is still making more money than anyone this gen. I expect them to make more money than anyone at the end of this generation. They are selling more software than anyone and software is where the money is. There console is selling competitivly and is being sold for a profit unlike the ps3. Lastly, they are charging for online and DLC.

Sony, DLC is raking in almost nothing, it's console is being sold at a lost and it is selling average amonts of software. Wii is selling units but not software.

As much as people hate to admit, developers will always make games for 360 because they sell better on 360. Sony's exclusives will sell well on ps3 but multiplat games will always be available on 360 because of the revenue that the 360 user base creates. Looks like dvd9 is here to stay : (

This all started from a quote from some unknown source. Was it someone making $8.00 and hour at some store?

bigman73874242d ago

You're right in the fact that this generation wasn't launched with equal competitors. But you've got it backwards. Since the 360 launched with a year and some odd months of a head start, they had the advantage. Just because Sony sold more units in the last 2 generations does not at all mean that they were "supposed" to "win" this one.

And yes the great games are coming for the PS3. This year. If thats the only reason you hate against the PS3 then soon you aren't going to have much of an argument at all. If you were really expecting any console to automatically have 100 great titles at launch, you will ALWAYS be severly let down. Just look at any of the consoles this generation. 360 had Gears and Dead Rising. PS3 had Uncharted and Resistance. Wii had Metriod and Galaxy. Every console ever has had a few good titles in the first year, and then an explosion of great titles beyond that. It just how a console generation matures.

RJ20004242d ago

Where is your relavance to the subject at hand. Stop making 360 people look ignorant. There are enough of them that actually are...

The Lazy One4242d ago

So I guess the 360 started this generation with a fanbase of over 100 million too? I'd take that over launching a year earlier 9 times out of 10. Having a fanbase more than 5 times as large as the next largest competitor should almost garantee you're success as long as you don't mess up.

The fact that sony is still in third place is a testament to the fact that sony did mess up this gen.

If this gen ends with a 20% M$ market share, 30% sony, and 50% Nintendo, It will still be a tremendous loss for sony after having something like 70% market share.

thewhoopimen4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

So you're saying that PS3s are Hondas and Xbox360s are Kias? You can't even begin to know how much you're shooting urself in the foot with that statement. Kia's are know to be POSes in terms of car reliability and by your supposition... 360s are too. Cheers.

bigman73874242d ago

No the fact that Sony had a 100 million userbase says to me that they are doing a great job supporting the PS2. I think those who did upgrade to a PS3 are very happy with it, but thats not most people. I think the 100 million who own PS2s are actually slowing the PS3's growth. But once Sony and 3rd Party developers stop putting out too many quality games for the PS2, I think those owners will have to make a choice between the 3 consoles, and all 3 consoles will benefit from it.

The Wood4242d ago

This console war is only just getting warmed up. MS are looking over their shoulders at this present time and 08 does indeed look to be sony's year. You mentioning third place is a little weak if I do say so because the moment the ps3 catches the 360 people like yourself will probably downplay it like 'Duurrrr, it was meant to happen quicker with 200 trillion ps2's out there' The ps3 is outselling its direct next gen competitor on a worldwide basis and even on home turf so you having the gaul to boast a bout the numbers which derive from a year and a bit headstart is bit rich. All that being said I feel MS have done better this time but also feel that 'like for like' the original xbox was the better of the two MS consoles.

player9114242d ago

I just think it's funny that they always compare weekly PS3 sales to weekly 360 sales like apples to apples, when its not. The Xbox 360 already has SO many units out there that just sales are going to be lower then a fresh console that hardly no one owns.

The reason I bought an xbox 360 was because of the enormous game selection, backward compatibility, and that everyone and their brother had one.

The number of PS3 owners is less then 360 owners so of course 360 sales won't be a high NOW because everyone already has one.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

You said the fact that Sony is in last place implies that they messed up. I think you're wrong because is Killzone 2, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, or SOCOM: Confrontation out yet? How can a system mess up if their heavy hitters didn't even hit yet? I would say Microsoft and Nintendo might be in a loop but more so Microsoft. If you think about what else is there really to be excited about?

Yes Gears of War 2 is coming, Ninja Gaiden is more of the same thing, the new Splinter Cell Conviction that's a mystery. There is never a game on a platform besides Sony's that makes a big impact as lets say Metal Gear Solid. You can say Halo 3 rocks but the DVD is holding them back. The game feels more like an expansion pack and Halo Wars doesn't have the typical Halo thunder.

All I'm saying XBOX 360 blow its steam in 2007 BioShock (2nd yr) doesn't look at good as Uncharted (1st yr). Forza 2 (2nd yr) doesn't look as good as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (2n yr). Compare the same time-frames.

Grown Folks Talk4242d ago

It's a fact. It's no different than Sony fans using the 360 user base to justify the fact that they sell way more games. Millions of people buying Madden for years & years & 2k football comes out. Do you think all of those millions are going to switch just like that? Some will try something new, but no where near the amount that will just stick with Madden because that's what they know & trust. The Sony fan base gets thrown up as a standard all of the time on this site. 125 million, 150 million, 100 million, the number always changes, but now all of a sudden it can't be used in an argument because it goes against the PS3. Sony only fans have been saying before either launched that the PS3 was going to win, but now when someone on the other side of the fence states basically the same thing he's wrong. A win for Microsoft was increasing marketshare, not selling more units.

jiinn4242d ago

"Australian journalist, publisher and proprietor of 4SquareMedia, David W Richards"

Where is the results of this "survey"? There isnt one. This was a total fabrication for traffic from the guy who
owns "" - just like his earlier trolls.

The guys at itwire are happy to publish both stories -- this is all about PAGE TRAFFIC and not remotely newsworthy in any sense.

Its called TROLLING.

The Wood4242d ago

Whether Sony do it quick or slow Sony cant win. Only uninformed people think that because there are x many ps2's sold that that actually equates to x many owners of ps2's out there. How many of those like myself purchased more than one ps2 etc. Whatever Sony do this time around it will be downplayed like the 'hollow victory' comment we heard a few weeks back. Again I will say that MS is putting up a better fight but I honestly feel that they might be the cause of their own undoing. Time will tell but either way its too early to say things like: 'The fact that sony is still in third place is a testament to the fact that sony did mess up this gen' That there is way of looking at it but the majority of people who are buying the ps3 feel otherwise. The price, which I feel was 1 of the main reasons its adoption was so modest, was high for a reason. That type of kit couldn't be sold for too much less or everybody would have a launch console that came with the features the ps3 had. Now people are seeing that those 'extras' are actually worth it.

Ill end by saying that both MS and Nintendo have forced Sony to up their game and vice versa, either way its better for us.

Grown Folks Talk4242d ago

I have to give you + feedback for being the 1st Sony fan I've ever seen admit that consoles doesn't equal user base. All 3 companies could have done things differently or better in certain areas. I'm glad they're all still around because it prevents them from resting on their laurels. I know the price point put them behind the curve early. Any way you slice it though, Sony was by far in better position to come out on top based on name alone.

The Lazy One4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

My point was from a purely business standpoint. Do you think that losing that much market share is in any way good? regardless of where the finish line is, M$ already did what it wanted to acomplish this gen. Last gen they wanted to get a foothold, they did. This gen, they wanted to establish market share, and they did that too.

Even if half the PS2s sold were rebuys, it's still an enormous market loss. If even a quarter of Windows using businesses switched to linux right now imagine the uproar that would cause. It's almost the same thing. Going from a brand that was almost synonymous with console gaming to third place in a single generation is bad. If Sony outsold 360 globally consistently and significantly in 07 it would be different. I'd say they were just catching up, but the rate they're going right now is far too slow for them to come back and regain the kind of market position they used to have.

I have to say the competition is making me a lot more excited for next gen than I ever could have been for this one. The mix of innovation and quality (of service as well as product) is going to really push the systems next gen. Hopefully M$ will continue to provide a solid performance machine without quality issues, Sony will realize fans want to be able to play games cheap and won't make so many completely different SKUs/pack in tons of features nobody needs, and Nintendo will deliver a solid console with a bigger focus on delivering new titles.

edit: I'm not 100% sure if I understood what TheWood said o.O

wallace10004242d ago

Nice post and bubbles for you. You are one of the few PS3 owners who posted on this threat that isn't posting garbage. Great post dude.

The Wood4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Market share loss is part of any business environment especially when releasing something new or another competitor has entered. Nintendo, Sony, Sega have all had to contend with others but Ill say again that we may not see 'a winner' if there needs to be one for a while still. Luckily for all that the gaming industry is a booming industry. Though we tend not to love the wii or Nintendo's general direction we can thank them for introducing more people to gaming this gen, for even they have lost some of their old demographic but have replaced the void with the new age casual's, young and old. I'll wait a few years before I'll consider anybody a failure or success.

@Grown Folks Talk


le killer4242d ago

even though their beloved ps3 outsells its nearest competitor. ffs it should with the name "playstation" on it! it's the name that made the industry what it is today. it's still nowhere near the juggernaught the ps2 was, and fanboys, it never will be!!

microsoft could never hope to dethrone sony within 2 systems. first xbox: making a name in the industry. 360: stealing marketshare(which it's doing fanboys whether you like it or not!). i think microsoft will be hoping for a better result next time...and only time wil tel!

as all the sony-sheep like to point out, that it's been on the market over a year longer. the fact that their beloved ps3 only outsells it by a measerly margin should make them realise that it's not doing too bad, and the ps3 is underperfoming by quite some! and the 360 is pretty much a cadaver in japan aswell!

this gen, sony will have failed when they don't get anywhere near half the amount of consoles they sold last gen. the ps3 won't sell 60mil, whilst microsoft and nintendo will increase their marketshare, AND launch their machines first, to steal even more of what was once sonys market! face it sheep, your shepherd sony has not done what it intended to do, and the market is gonna look totally different from now on!!

wageslave4242d ago

itwire is *REPEATING* this BS story from

Are you that incapable of navigating the modern mediasphere?

This guy is a theif, a plagarist and a well known traffic troll.

If he writes a ridiculous lie, and it gets repeated, that doesnt make it reality.

Yuffiek1334242d ago

okay people, you are talking about an article based in AUSTRALIA! AUSTRALIA! who cares about australia? they contribute like 2% of all game related sales in the world! listen to what you are saying. if australia lets it go, the market for the 360 is closed?? where is the logic? about 80% of all videogame sales in the world are in america or europe, not japan, not china, not mexico, and definately not australia. AMERICA AND EUROPE!

*collects himself*

okays, back to the topic. i dont like people who go out of their way to make the 360 look like its a bad system. you guys are all retards, just go out and buy all the systems. stop being cheap bizatches and stop using "360 sux" as an excuse for your cheapassness. there is no such thing as a bad system, just bad people who say their are bad systems.

Amanosenpai4242d ago

Oh come guys... look at you.. talking about Sony "desesperate" fanboys. Nothing personal but your are the ones that sounds "desesperate" with all the flaming, and offensive arguments. What are u trying to prove guys? Finally an article that support the 360 and u start this flaming war... for real, judge again your position. And please dont own yourself so frequently. Its getting repetitive.

And yea... back to the topic.

The one who said that the 360 is death is a clueless guy.

Amanosenpai4242d ago

OMG... You dunt knuw a sh#t of emerging markets, or market share, or market positioning right???...

First u think then u post...easy

cmrbe4242d ago

First off. Once a new gen starts. Everyone starts over. Yes the PS had a 100 mill plus PS2 fanbase but you can't say that that is the PS3 fanbase. Do you remember SNES and the subsequent N64?. Was N64 suppose to win against the PS1 considering the commading lead nintendo had with SNES?. With the x360 launching early. Wouldn't you say that the x360 lost market share to the PS3 and the wii when they were launched one year later?.

Secondly. The x360 after more than two years is still about 6 million short of the xbox installbase. Factoring in the decreasing sales. In 4 years(the lifespan of the xbox) the x360 would be lucky to reach 30 million. Is 6 million more from last gen a sign of success for the xbox brand?.

You know you guys keep on preaching about software sales as like the only important thing when you guys know very well that the reason why there is alot of SW sales on the x360 is because of the installbase from HS sales.

You guys can preach all you want but know this. The PS3 is gaining momentum like it did last gen and the one before it. The only question is weather the PS3 can surpass the wii this gen.

Pain4242d ago

I Understand its Hard for Xbox Fans to get that Not all things they want to belive are true so theres
nothing more one can do but blind them selves.

The Lazy One4242d ago

Install base has a huge effect. In fact, I've even heard you talk about install bases from the PS2 effecting sales on the PS3 once MGS and other sony exclusives start coming out.

"Secondly. The x360 after more than two years is still about 6 million short of the xbox installbase. Factoring in the decreasing sales. In 4 years(the lifespan of the xbox) the x360 would be lucky to reach 30 million. Is 6 million more from last gen a sign of success for the xbox brand?."

yea, I have at least 2 gens of consoles selling more later in their life that disagree with you. Consoles sell the vast majority of their consoles once they drop to mass market price. Considering that hasn't happened yet, your "trend analysis" is rediculous.

and on software sales, They have nothing to do with install base. The software attatch rate is still bigger than any other system. Explain that one away all you want, either way the producers still see one thing; games selling more on the 360.

Infolite89074242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

"there is no such thing as a bad system, just bad people who say their are bad systems." Obviously you never heard of the RRoD!

IntelligentAj4242d ago

I've been waiting for an article to dispute this 360 is dead nonsense. This is total Bull**** and the 360 isn't going anywhere nor is it's next iteration so get over your hate and deal with it.

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jkhan4242d ago

Its not dead, far from it. We will see good games like Gears2, Too Human, Alan Awake, Ninja Gaiden2, fable2, Splinter Cell Conviction and many others. I guess the momentum shifted towards the ps3 because a) bluray, b) the lineup that does looks heavier then the 360. Plus the problem is that all the time we hear rumors about a Microsoft releasing a new console or red rings of death, all these factors clouds the judgment of new console buyer. What Sony did good at last year e3 was come up and show games that evenly spread out till next year, so it showed that ps3 has a packed 2008 back in 2007. While Microsoft showed nothing related to 2008. Another thing thats causing problems is the lack of first party exclusives. Microsoft just doesn't have the likes of Halo 3 or MassEffect this year.

jiinn4242d ago

"Microsoft releasing a new console or red rings of death, all these factors clouds the judgment of new console buyer."

Which is why the N4G sony-fans repeat them every chance they get. Its called FUD.

ForTheFallen4242d ago

Reality hurts, doesn't it?

power of Green 4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Just two duplicate stories in one place in this post with somebody basically saying at the end *where is the wide spread proof?, just two sources*.

Fat Bastard4242d ago

You seem to be upset that you chose the losing console. The 360 was outsold globally last year by the PS3, it has been outsold in every country including the U.S. so far this year, and is on the path for total destruction. Did you notice that the 7 or so games that Microsoft is so proud of are basically the only ones you have next year? And 2 or 3 aren't even exclusive. I don't blame you for being so defensive, I would be too if I wasted my money on a worthless box.

Pain4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )


bubbles~ ooOo0ooOoo

edit oh lol i just read gamerzone wow FUNNY its bots just saying NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO mighty M$ cant Suck Its Number 1 in da US....So why is IT NOt NUmber 1 in da World?.......

LightningPS34242d ago

people have to do whatever they have to do to get sleep at night.

If your a 360 fan, it's gotta be tough to hear someone say that stores are thinking of cutting you off.

That would make me twist and turn all night long.

jiinn4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Not in a million years.

This claim from this guy is totally baseless. In a million years, Australian retailers (or any retailer anywhere) would cut off the brand that is responsible for fully 1/2 of the industry sales so far this generation.

If you believe the original article in any way, you are a fool.

I'd wager that the Blog that wrote it, is either A) literally taking cash from Sony or Nintendo, B) made it up - total fabrication or C) found himself a fanboy-who works inside a gamestore and was happy to write down his nonsense.

At any rate, this whole non-story doesnt bother me a bit. And, anyone with even the remotest ability to think critically about why that blog published that "story".

It is not news, nor journalism, and frankly totally without merit.

They guy says "survey of 10 retailers that represent 2000 shops" - what he means to say is "I surveyed 10 shops"...and, that is retail-outlets, not the 10 Corporate Offices.

The way he wrote the entire first 3rd of the article was to make the story look "authentic" and with merit.

But you can tell by his writing that it is total fabrication.

Fallen_Angel4242d ago

@jiinn i agree it be like goin to 10 gamestop talking to who ever is working there at the time then write an article saying "nation wide retailer says ______ system is dead"