Microsoft: Australian retailers 'excited' about Xbox 360

Contrary to a ChannelNews and SmartHouse report that retail chains in Australia are the dumping the Xbox 360, Microsoft said in a statement that Australian retailers "are excited about our current and upcoming offers, and we're looking forward to another bumper year."

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tehReaper4245d ago

No, they really don't. If you would read the whole article, it states the 360 has double the consoles sold than Wii and PS3 with a 7 game attach rate. That's not bad.

What's up with fanboys? Trying to make their console of choice sound better by bashing the other console. Makes no sense to me.

PirateThom4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

It was also out a year longer than the PS3 and 9 months longer than the Wii, it's sold at the same rate as the PS3 and less than the Wii.

A 7 game attach rate is way too high for that market, which is an indication that sales have slowed and it's the same people buying the games, not that you're attracting new customers. If hardware sales were as good, the attach rate would be lower.

Read between the spin companies put on these things.

godofthunder104245d ago

fanboys from both sides have a big problem.they are so bias that every time they have an article that's bad for the opposite system that they have they hurry up and start saying that it's true but when an article comes out that says bad things about the system that they have it's not true,it's just a lie made up by a fanboy.
the truth is that the 360 is doing really good in Australia,all people have to do is look up the sales figures.about 95% of breaking news that comes out on this site is always proven untrue and this is another.on this same site they had an article that said that they heard from a reliable source that mgs4 will be on the 360 to and when this article first came out the ps3 fanboys was saying that it's a lie and people shouldn't belive everything that they read and they said the same thing every time they had a bad article about ps3 but 360 fanboys said it was true and here we are again the same thing is going on but the opposite way around this time.fanboys from both sides act this way and after 2 years i think that it's about time that they all grow up and stop acting like kids and just admit that all 3 systems have good and bad things about it.if people are real gamers instead of fanboys they would admit that you will need all 3 systems to enjoy all the good games and admit they they all do somethings better then the other systems for exsample game developers already said that the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and the 360 does some things better then the ps3.they have fanboys from both sides saying how much better the graphics are on their system when the truth is that people can't hardly tell the difference between graphics.
i think that all fanboys should just enjoy their systems and games and don't even worry about the system that they don't have because it really doesn't concern them and all fanboys need to face the facts,all 3 systems are here to stay because each one offer some thing to some one and according to sales figures graphics isn't what the majority of people are looking for in a is about #4 on the list of what i look for in a game,i want a game with a good story line,good gameplay and games that make you use your mind before i look for a game just because of it's graphics because with out the things that i mention above a game isn't worth a sh*t even if the graphics look just like real life.

power of Green 4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Sure on the gaming side of things some people don't need a poor mans DVD player build in a game box, just games.

Bathyj4245d ago

A poor mans DVD player? Actually a poor man (that would be you, and I'm not talking about your finances) is still using DVD so I dont see what you're implying.

Also, its funny you should bring up BluRay because the M$ response sounds alot like Toshiba right after Warner sunk their last battleship.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

...DEATH!!! ;-D

scoobysnacks4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Are you referring to the xbox 360, as that uses a DVD drive, and the arcade unit is the cheapest console on the market, but a poor dvd player. (sarcasm)

If your referring, as we know you are to the PS3, then your incorrect on two counts. One, the PS3 uses a blu-ray drive (the winner of the next gen hd format that microsoft didn’t back, its not dvd, although it can play upscaled dvd’s. And two, the initial price of the PS3 was expensive, so how can it be a poor mans machine when even now, its more expensive than the 360.

If your going to troll, make your argument stand up to scrutiny. Hardware is built into a machine (notice the correct use of the word “built”, not build. Games may come with a bundle pack, or you purchase once you have your console, of which there are plenty around now for the PS3. Its pathetic your still using an argument that didn’t hold much weight a year ago (yes, few initial games released, but over the following year its improved, alot ), so that argument holds even less now.

yesah4245d ago

you mean the thing that allows the ps3 to have up to 200 gigabite games, and play movies with twice as many lines of resolution? yea its horrible..

yanikins1114245d ago

Yeah I also hate high rez movies. They suck.

na2ru14245d ago

i'd really prefer my hdtv to display SD.

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Asurastrike4245d ago

According to Microsoft, retailers who said earlier today that they were about to drop the console were just kidding, and that they are actually in love with the poor selling 360...riiiiiiiight.

LightningPS34245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

those comments really struck a nerve.

I would like to write someone to totally plaser the 360. But this is the Gamer Zone.

General Pinky4245d ago

LOL...Man that was good...dam you...that was good

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