Console war is "totally irrelevant" - Sorenson

THQ executive Jack Sorenson has branded the hardware battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as "totally irrelevant", arguing that the rewards offered by each represent a "win" for games publishers.

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dalibor3849d ago

For real. I doubt this will shut 'em up though. The only way for fanboys not to exist is having a hot woman come with the system that you just bought, who wouldn't want to buy all 3 consoles with gorgeous woman that come with the package haha.

BeaArthur3849d ago

You would be able to if they weren't so ridiculously clownish. Having multiple consoles just means that we as gamers experience more games and get relatively reasonable pricing.

dalibor3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

how about gorgeous gamer girlz aww yeaaah!

BeaArthur3849d ago

dalibor...maybe if that were in any way realistic, but they would just leave because you wouldn't give them any attention; you'd be too busy playing the games.

dalibor3849d ago

Thats true. I guess fanboys will be here forever.

BeaArthur3849d ago

dalibor...what makes fanboys so funny to me is that they are so passionate that you would think they actually work for Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony. They get so angry about something so stupid. I mean I might care that much if I worked for one of the 3 but even then I don't think I would get as worked up as some of them do.

dalibor3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I agree. If you ask me people need to lighten up more, with so many great games there really isn't a reason why fanboys should exist, thats my take on it. I have a ps3 but i enjoy gaming on the 360 and wii that my cuz has, i would try to get both but i got $ issues right now aka bills. Life is so short enjoy it, iam about to enjoy it while i eat this delicious pudding while checking out some news about gta4 haha.

BeaArthur3849d ago

dalibor...agreed, I have all 3 and all of them have something different to offer.

boodybandit3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Fanboyism doesn't stop or end at the console war. I think it's actually worse and even more annoying hearing them b!tch over games on the systems they favor. Game vs game, controller vs controller (whether it's a standard, arcade stick, wheel, mouse and keyboard) etc and so on.

Personally I play games to escape reality for an hour or 2 at a time. I prefer just kicking back and enjoying myself without having to deal with the nonsense. If I am online (unless I am a server with a friend) a lot of times I wont even have my headset on so I can relax and enjoy myself without having to deal with the mudslinging and profanity so prevalent from the ignorant.

I could care less about what name is on the console or from which developer.

ravinash3849d ago

The only place where the Console war is happening is in the Fanboys minds and the people who sell to them.
The MS, Sony and Nintendo will just continue to market their product and look at the sales figures.

Amanosenpai3849d ago

"Totally irrelevant" OMG thats not true... (hard breathing) RIGHT?... right... i mean,we need it dont we? (crispy eyes)... come on all the flames, the red news and hype... ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh

(amanosenpai IMPLODE)


Sayai jin3849d ago

This would mean fanboys would have no purpose.

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j4gs143849d ago

and if they all making profit who's loosing?
btw does any one know the figgures of how much each company has spent on development and marketing of each console?

Sayai jin3849d ago

Rational people know this, but it's the unbiased who twist things the way they want to see it. One thing though, the article says that retailers are making a huge game, but the most important is that the gamers (true gamers) are geting the absolute best.

Fishy Fingers3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

The console "war" is in "certain" gamers heads, each claiming this and that, each calling the other "fanboys, xbots, PStards (etc)", when all people really need to do is step back, and just consider the importance of what they argue over... games consoles. Personally I cant comprehend their thoughts, you dont get middle aged women in forums screaming "my Dyson is the nut's, it out sells Vax 2:1 har har!"

Having/sharing an interest in the industry is fine, but some actually allow their interest to consume them.

If your so content with the machine you own, why constantly feel the need to compare it to the other, or bash opinion that simply just dont support your view. It's all opinion, and people are entitled to their own.

dalibor3849d ago

Kinda of like an undercover cop, sometimes they get consumed by their experiences they go through while being undercover, like becoming addicted to the drugs they have to take while undercover. Undercover cops are the real f*cken actors, their lives are on the line.

Fishy Fingers3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

but I would hardly compare someone playing a few computer games in their spare time to an "undercover cop".

edit: Yes, I have seen the Departed, and yes, it's a great movie.

dalibor3849d ago

Yes thats true. Oh by the way you should check out the departed, a great movie imo.

HarryEtTubMan3849d ago

It really is true. Each console is on their own timeline... selling to their own fanbase. I doubt 360 will steal hardly ANY Playstation gamers that would buy a 360 and then not buy a PS3 in the next 9 years LOL. I have both. PS3 destroys the daily dying FLOPbox. And will. We will see. Its happening more and more every day. I hope PS3 has a price cut this year. 360 will literally be Xbox 1 all over again.... Its already happening without the pricecut. PS3 is on its own schedule.

tehReaper3849d ago

You don't have a 360, I can guarantee that. If you're going to post hate speech on almost every 360 article, I highly doubt you'll purchase one to give more money to MS. I'm a neutral gamer and I'll defend both consoles until the end of their lifespans.

I'll predict your response.

"Noz i DoNt hav a 360! Itss red ringed! LOLZ"

Ohh wait, I forgot, you can't respond, you have no more bubbles. :*(

I'll buy you a bottle next time I go to the fanboy store. How 'bout a cute star shaped wand? Don't you want to blow stars? That'll keep you busy while your mom is blowing me.


Genki3849d ago

let alone fictional. There is no war. Each company has enough resources, money, and market penetration to at least finish out this generation. There is not much to worry about for any side. Each one will most likely have their off years and/or seasons, but each is ultimately in it for the long haul, and the competition only serves to benefit the consumer.

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