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Gaming Trend: "Nintendo approached Sega, not the other way around, and said they wanted more and they wanted it exclusive. The crazy witch-hair, the gun-boots, all of it. Make another Bayonetta game, and don’t soften the edges. Bold, beautiful, and half-crazy are all included, even sporting a new haircut. I got the chance to play the game at E3, and let me tell you, it’s a true sequel."

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mewhy321911d ago

I don't feel that this game appeals to the demographic that Nintendo caters to. It's just too adult. That's not to say that adults don't play Wii U. I'm merely pointing out that the majority of Wii gamers are young kids. I fear that this title would have done much better if it would have been a PS4 exclusive instead, or even released both on PS4 and xbone. The "magic" that will save the Wii U must come from Nintendo's bread and butter first party titles.

Brucis1911d ago

Nobody other than Nintendo wanted to even touch Bayonetta 2. Nintendo put forth the funds, so that's where it is at. Whether we like it or not, that's the deal.

doogiebear1911d ago

Whether Nintendo wanted to touch it or not, doesn't change the fact that the demographic is not [likely] to be right for the console.

Even on PS3 and 360 it didn't sell enough on either console for SEGA to want to invest again. So how is it going to do well on a console with small sales, an even smaller (or possibly even non-existent Bayonetta fanbase on the Wii U platform considering it's never been on a Nintendo platform before) and Nintendo fans don't usually care for these kinds of mature rated games anyway. If they did, the system would probably have a lot more 3rd party devs on it.

But at least Nintendo bought it. Had it not been for them, Bayo 2 would not exist. Yeah. But the way I see it, Nintendo will need more than a few Mature rated games to entice those who didn't want a wii U to go and get one now. So even if you dissagree with "MeWhy32", you don't have to act delusional as if his point isn't shared by countless of other people. Many people don't understand the point of it, and no--as much as Nintendo fans are glad to have any exclusives, it doesn't mean they really are interested in paying $60 for it when it finally does come out. Especially since some of them will have their hands full with plenty of mature rated beat-em-ups like new DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Heavenly Sword, etc sequels that are likely to pop up on the more impressive and more robustly 3rd party supported next gen consoles.

Brucis1911d ago


I was merely stating that it couldn't have done better on the PS4 because it wasn't an option. I harbor no 'delusions' that Bayonetta 2 will sell million upon millions of copies. Platinum's games unfortunately have a habit of selling relatively poorly.

CaptainN1910d ago

The point is Nintendo got their hands on this game for 2 to have a game with Mature content on their console that's exclusive....and two, to get people who were fans of the first to "jump ship" and buy a Wii-U. THEY ARE TRYING TO EXPAND THEIR DEMO-GRAPH BY GETTING THIS TITLE.It is not intended for the kids and casuals who are a majority of Nintendo's previous fan base. It was done to expand their portfolio to reach out to those "core gamers" on other consoles and say you liked games like this last gen, well this gen we have them, and there better and exclusive to Wii-U!

thomasmiller1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

yeah, just like when microsoft censored conker's bad fur day, nintendo did not, xbox 360 has elmo kinects, here are kid games for ps3 living/homebase/the-10-best-ps 3 -games-for-kids and for the 360 http://www.commonsensemedia... yep looks like the majority of sony and microsoft and sony as well!! I AM AN ADULT AND HAVE THE METROID PRIME SERIES, AND WHAT ABOUT MONOLITH X? you are going to be shocked with the sells of baynetta 2 nintendo trolls need to grow up and get a life!!!

MrMister1911d ago


I'm sorry mate, but I just can't believe you. Or at least I hope it isn't true; not after that terribly incoherent mess of a rant.

quantae061910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Yeah, Conker Bad Fur Day was censored on Xbox. BMX XXX was also censored by Sony on PS2 also too. Nintendo didn't censor those games at all.

firelogic1911d ago

It's not that it's too adult per se but the demographic is definitely wrong. The game sold pretty poorly on the PS3 and 360 combined where 3rd party action games thrive. So I'm not sure what Nintendo was thinking by putting the sequel on their console. At least the game exists though.

Dj7FairyTail1911d ago

Uh they were kind enough to keep it alive. It has nothing to do with stealing or demographic.

They wanted games for everyone including gamers and casuals.

ritsuka6661911d ago

1.5 million are bad sales now?

firelogic1910d ago


Yes 1.5 million is pretty poor. That's 1.5 million across two platforms with a combined installed base of at least 100 million at the time. Considering how similar games like DMC and GoW and NG sold, Bayonetta did poorly. If you think it was a success, why were there no takers for the game? Platinum had to dredge the bottom of the barrel to get Nintendo of all companies to back it.

I'm not sure if you realize this but companies like to make money and the industry decided that Bayonetta wasn't a money maker.

Dj7FairyTail1911d ago

wrong. Nintendo fans are the oldest.

MrMister1911d ago

Sounds like a mature and adult thing for an older person to say.


AbortMission1911d ago

So the 90 million+ Wii sales and the 140+ million DS sales were all from 30-40 year old "muhchur" men gamers /s

I think it's pretty damn obvious by now that most of Nintendo's fanbase from the Wii, DS, 3DS etc. are from the younger kids and casuals. Enough with the denial

truechainz1910d ago

@Mr.Mister and AbortMission

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he was hinting to the fact that the wii obtained by far the highest demographic of gamers over 60 which would be true. But I am not one to play the maturity in games game. There is a depth in Nintendo games that can appeal to all ages with a simplicity in gaming that makes their games easy to pick up. Not to mention there are thousands of kids playing M rated games on consoles as well so I guess everyone's idea of age appeal in games is flawed.

OmegaSlayer1911d ago open a great restaurant (Platinum games) and get renowned for a special kind of meat prepared in a special way (Bayonetta).
Then you make some other dishes because you don't have that famous meat available, that are good but not as good (Vanquish, Anarchy Reigns, MGRising).
One day you get again the special meat and someone (Nintendo) pays to have that meat to a party open to some friends (Bayonetta 2).
The dish is prepared with care and few show up to the party, and the special meat will rot on the dishes.

Some say that thanks to Nintendo the game is alive, I say that it would have been better in the fridge for better times than rotting on a dish because no one eats it.

Xenoblade, which is the best "non Mario" game on Wii sold less than 1 million copies on an almost 100 mil. pieces sold hardware.

How much is Bayonetta2 going to sell?
500k at best.
It's not about Platinum, Bayonetta,'s about killing a good series, which is BAD.

Dj7FairyTail1911d ago

Xenoblade was pirated over 1.8m times and it was GameStop Exclusives Try Harder.

Brucis1911d ago

Xenoblade was GameStop exclusive and under-stocked as well, due to them believing it wouldn't sell well.

TripC501910d ago

"Killing a good series."

Moronic comment. ↑

There wouldn't be a possible Bayonetta"series" without Nintendo.

OmegaSlayer1910d ago

@Dj7 and Brucis
That's the kind of silly reasoning Nintendo fanboys in denial use.
It's only in a store...poor morons, if the fanbase wants to support a game, they move their asses and buy it.
Also...blaming piracy...1.8 mil pirated copies.
Besides you might have pulled that number from your sorry ass, that means that part of Nintendo user base don't buy games.

The series would have been better dead with Bayonetta than slowly dying with Bayonetta2.
And this is not only about Bayo, I said the same about DmC.
If you have to make a product that is not good and/or markeatable, you better keep it dead.

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ritsuka6661911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Wii gamers are young kids."

Obvius troll are obvius. Really, are you kidding me!!! Since when is Zelda and Metroid are not hardcore mature games?

mewhy321911d ago

Did you even see the part where I said, "That's not to say that adults don't play Wii U. I'm merely pointing out that the majority of Wii gamers are young kids." I guess you're one of the adults then?

ritsuka6661911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Look here dude, this is not true Nintendo fans are young kids. Nintendo have tons of hardcore mature fans, myself included. So,generalisations such are yours are a dangerous thing,so please stop this 'arguments'.

Prime_281911d ago

I doubt it, sony fans don't buy their exclusives. Just look at all the sony IPs on PS3 that have been trashed this generation because of bad sales.

Hicken1910d ago

Define "bad."

... how does a comment with an N4G link look like spam, but all those "my sister's nephew's teacher" comments get through?

ChickeyCantor1911d ago

"he demographic that Nintendo caters to"

They went for bayonetta 2 to cater to other demographics as well. It isn't rocket science.

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1911d ago
OhMyGandhi1911d ago

as long as there are crotch cams...

MrMister1911d ago

Crotch cams and Nintendo "Magic"...hmmm, somehow the two seem to be at odds with one another.

OhMyGandhi1910d ago

could only imagine mario sliding down the flagpole at the end of a level, with the camera swinging between his legs and over every curve of his body, ending with a witty quip about the pervy cameraman (who is actually Lakitu on his cloud thing).

Seriously though...

AWBrawler1911d ago

it'll sell. remember No More Heroes? it got bonus content on ps3 but still sold best on Wii

MrMister1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Yeah but Wii had a huge install base. Wii U doesn't. It should sell well for the platform it's on, but overall it shouldn't sell more than Bayonetta 1 did on PS3 or 360 (respectively), and they both had larger install bases even then, than Wii U has now. Plus Wii U isn't exactly the poster child platform for mature games. But at least maybe Nintendo fans will buy it any to boost sales--just to say "I told you so" to everyone else. But will they actually like it? Only time will tell if it fits their usually tastes.

Dj7FairyTail1911d ago

nope it doesn't matter which xoes or not. PS3 was least selling and Sony fans were all like bring this and that to the PS3. It sell better.

exfatal1911d ago

So nintendo revives dead franchise
shoulda been on ps4, it wont sell, blah blah blah. by the chance it does sell well, fanboys just bought it just tot say i told you so... seriously? for realz?

damn Nintendo just can't win. Your so dead set on this mentality that nintendo is for children.. have you tried Fire Emblem, Zelda, X,or the stages in galaxy? No more hero's? mad world? nintendo is a gaming console. they try to appeal to gamers.

At first i was taking you seriously till i read this comment... damn the mindset you guys have are laughable sad.

Knushwood Butt1911d ago

The PS3 port came out months after the Wii version.

Plus, it looks just like a Wii game....

wingman32x1911d ago

I think the Bayonetta 2 acquisition was more about Nintendo sending a message than the actual IP. What I mean by that is, Nintendo wanted to show people it was serious about trying to please the core. I don't think they expect it to flourish in terms of sales. The first one did okay at best, and a large majority of Wii U owners likely never even played the first one.

It'll be interesting to see if they follow the tone they set. They already kind of are by green lighting and localizing SMTxFE, a crossover of two niche franchises in the west. Additionally, they're taking the initiative on certain things such as publishing Bravely Default in the west for SE.

Yes, Nintendo may still be all about Mario and such, but they're definitely trying to reach the core again.

MrMister1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

I think they just wanted to cross over SMT and Fire Emblem for the popularity it brings in Japan. I doubt that we'll see the usual type of mature content found in SMT games, in a game with Fire Emblem's name on it too. Like Marvel vs capcom has Resident Evil characters in it, but it doesn't have blood, gore, and death--it just brought all these characters together under the understanding that it will still be teen (for a fighting game) friendly. I know Fire Emblem had some risque topics like homosexuality (forgive me, I've never played THAT particular F.E. game that had it, but heard about that) in one of the Fire Emblem games. But topics like that are common in SMT or other Atlus games. I still don't think Nintendo wants the usually Teenage-friendly rated Fire Emblem to be tarnished with unnecessary adult content just so it can be on SMT's level of controversy. If anything, SMT will be tamed a little bit, so that SMT x Fire Emblem can get a TEEN rating and not tarnish Fire Emblem's reputation of at least being teen-friendly. Which would be safer for the F.E. franchise when it returns to being a solo series again.

Edit: At Brucis below me. Yeah, I know Fire Emblem gets into some stuff, but it's still no need for a mature rating. They can still be edgy enough to keep it teen friendly, but there's no need to get SMT-nasty when one of the two of the franchises has a teen fanbase (and also adults who might be morally conservative/religious who might not appreciate some of the stuff found in some of the SMT (not all, but many of the SMT) games who might feel left out.

Brucis1911d ago

Fire Emblem's pretty mature too. Genocide, slavery, racism, incest, etc. SMT is pretty up there but Fire Emblem is no slouch either.

thomasmiller1910d ago

oh is th wittle baby mad that i proved him wrong? grow up and get over it!! don't you trolls have anything better to do get a life and live with it!!

ritsuka6661911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

First of all ... PS360 aren't no hardcore at all.Second of all , Nintendo already had the hardcore ... quess who buys metroids and zeldas ..etc..obviously not casual players.

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