Grand Theft Auto IV more hands on by Gameplayer

Gameplayer writes:

We've already given you our hands-on impressions of GTA IV once, but everyone has a different experience with this game, so we thought we'd given you a second opinion on this epic release. Read on…

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TrevorPhillips4479d ago

ohhh man im so excited about this game cant wait just 22 more days

tweaker4479d ago

I'm sure it'll be in the hands of some gamers at least a week before release. Some people got the hook ups.

Omegasyde4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Hey want to form a GTA4 Gang?

Our gang color could be orange, and we need a flashy gang sign.

We will scare all the other gangsters away "yo". I can't wait to "represent" and kill some "wankstas" using my "gat" and teck-9.
"Fo Realz. Ride or die. MY fo fo will make sure their kids don't grow."


--On a serious note I can't wait to have clan matches. I thought "Protect tha Pimp" missions were fun in Saints Row, but I am sure Rockstar will make it even better. Cops and Robbers will rule.

TrevorPhillips4479d ago

yeh cops and robbers will be my fav and then mafia work :)

M4H Mactik4479d ago

free roam is goin 2be my best

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The story is too old to be commented.