Next-Gen.Biz: Editor's View: Are Games Immoral? writes: "Well, are they? Colin Campbell wonders why it is that we, as gamers, so enjoy the business of slaying, killing and murdering. Is it because we are wicked?

Later today I will spend about 45 minutes killing people. I'll probably kill a hundred or so. I'll enjoy all the kills. I'll take particular satisfaction from executing the really good ones; sneaking up behind some fellow and blowing his fucking head off, before he knows I'm even there.

Does this make me a bad person?

According to some commentators, it does. I am immoral because I play games. It just happens that I really like shooting games, but it's not especially relevant here because, according to these critics, all video games are immoral. The activity of playing games is wrong."

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Maddens Raiders4241d ago

they're immoral like sex, drugs, and rock & roll -- and that's why I love them so damn much.

P4KY B4240d ago

If you ask an evangelical american christian then yes.

If you ask me, then NO.

But i consider my morals to be better than a right wing religious nutter from alabama.

yesah4240d ago

let me refrase this...

i input the pre-designated keypress, and my virtul 3drendered model preforms a pre set action, relative to my key press, i perform another key press and a line of code tells my 3d model to perform another pre-set action, of shooting, which tells the other 3d rendered virtual model, to perform his own set animation(falling down), and add particle effect(blood), after complete stop all function on 2nd character model.

hmmm, the horror is just to great. we must not allow they second key press!

Coke-a-Cola4240d ago

But i do not think there is an equation available to speak to a bunch of right-wing nuts with a noose around my neck for loving GTA

desolationstorm4240d ago

I consistantly get into debates and arguments with older family members who only knowledge about gaming is what the news tells them or if they happen to walk by a tv at a family gathering. I try and show them that the only problem is misinformation and not the games themselves. I ask my dad whats the difference between a Cowboy running around shooting native americans or tom hanks running up a beach on Dday? We like to see violence portrayed and with each genertaion we seek it in alternative ways. Whether its been Gladiators, theater, books, radio, film, tv, comics, music, games or the internet. The only thing that changes is in the medium this is acheived by. We are a speices like any other species and have bloodlust built within our genetic code.

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