Liege Slated for the Wii U, PSVita and PS4

John Rhee has added a Wii U stretch goal for his game, Liege. The campaign currently has $47,316 in donations and $51,000 will be needed for the Wii U version, while $48,000 is needed for PS Vita and PS4 versions.

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WeAreLegion3015d ago

Looks awesome! I'll be getting it on PS4/Vita, but I'll gladly give so my fellow Wii U owners can get it, as well. :)

Mr-SellJack3015d ago

Another one?!Man,indies sure hate ms

FSThree3013d ago

LOL. In my interview with Rhee, he said that MS's indie policy had seemed to change from back in the Braid days. Albeit, news shows that MS may be going back to a more open policy. Perhaps there will be a consideration in the future ...

phantomexe3015d ago

i'm been following this game for about a week. i'm glad it made it.