Sony Announces PS3 Download Content At Launch.

Sony has at long last gone about detailing its network plans for the PlayStation 3. The company announced today the online content that will be available via the new PlayStation Store at the system's 11/11 Japanese launch and beyond.

Sony plans to make available the following new, downloadable PlayStation 3 games in 2006: Blast Factor, flOw, Lemmings, Kazuo, Puzzle and Mainichi Issho. A few of these were revealed by Sony at last week's press event, but we managed to get some details on the new Japanese content.

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Arkham4465d ago

SILENT BOMBER! I can't believe that it's one of the first to arrive. It's the only one that really piqued my interest when I thought of original PS games. I'm in.

Siesser4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Anyone can (though I don't know why they WOULD) go back through my posts for the past months and see that Silent Bomber was one of the four games I REALLY wanted for download. Now I just need Tomba! 2, Bust A Groove, and Ehrgeiz. And maybe Brave Fencer Musashi, just to be greedy :)

Sadly, I don't own, and have not plans to buy (can't stand hand-helds) a PSP, so I'll have to wait until '07 to actually play these games. But good news none-the-less.