Interview: Dr. Khanna And The PS3 Gravity Grid

[email protected] definitely started something in the science community, as this research involves simulating a black hole collision. PSX Extreme interviews the project head, Dr. Gaurav Khanna, and learns a whole lot about the capabilities of the PS3 and the world of supercomputing and physics.

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Harry1903937d ago

''Overall, a single PS3 performs better than the highest-end desktops available and compares to as many as 25 nodes of an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer. And there is still tremendous scope left for extracting more performance through further optimization. More on that soon.''

BilI Gates3937d ago

Nice catch. Good quote I mean.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

MURKERR3937d ago

than 360 and its games are already equal (multi-plat) in terms of graphics,alot of people dont realise that shouldnt be happening considering developers have had more time with the 360's easier architecture.

whats why i believe certain developers like valve for example who state their using 95% of 360's power

scary what we'll be seeing a year from now no doubt it will surpass 360 in crazy ways.

cell is truly powerful its like a swiss army knife everybodys usin it for a certain purpose

Fishy Fingers3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

I'm not sure what that has to do with the topic. The power the PS3 is demonstrating here will not directly relate to the power it has when producing games. The Cell is just very apt at floating point calculations. This process devotes the system to one singular joint task, rather than having to "juggle" multiple tasks when handling games.

edit: here come the disgree's for not making my comment 100% super-duper PS positive.... Ok you guys are right, the Cell will produce games years beyond anything you can ever imagine, thats right, the weak GPU and little ram dont matter, if it has the o-mighty Cell then all other computer dont stand a chance.... Remind me, why hasnt desktop PC's adopted this uber tech that eclipses everything else out there.... game/[email protected] are the same right....
The PS3 has HUGE potentail, I'm the first to admit that, but some have to realize, regardless what you think, it's just a console and NOT a super computer for £300.

Richdad3936d ago

A cluster of PS3 actually compares to a high quality desktop or supercomputer. Also Valve didnt made such a statment abt reaching 95% of 360 power even Bioshock and Gears utlize only 50% of CPU. But may be they will reach eventually. I remember PS2 to be fully utilized at MGS2 in 2002 March but then there were much better looking game than it werent they.
Xbox 1 reached its full potential at NG1, Doom3, SC3etc in end of 2004.
Yeah PS3 is more pwerful for sure but if users dont see differnce in graphics of PS2 and xbox1 they should expect it to be even less in this gen.

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Maddens Raiders3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

able to calculate what it's actually like beyond the singularity?

I believe it is the answer to time travel that the U.S. Navy attempted (and possibly succeeded) in 1943.

yanikins1113936d ago

But Seeing as a black hole sucks in all this stuff, and stuff inherently has entropy (measure of randomness) and as you break stuff up its entropy gets exponentially larger, and seeing as your focusing all of this disorder and randomness into a single point, the Singularity itself, let alone beyond the the singularity would be near impossible to calculate. Of course seeing as the singularity is meant to be one single point of infinite information and density, maybe its the god particle. Seeing as it contains a nearly unlimited amount of information in single point. Theoretical physics is crazy man. Hence why i never got into the crap.

bootsielon3936d ago

The PS3 is programmed to simulate black hole behavior, but we don't really know what happens inside. So no, I seriously don't think the PS3 could be used as a prognosticator in that sense. Besides, the black hole could simply transform and/or compact all the matter and light it digests, instead of traveling through time. Besides, I don't think it would be practical to try and reach black holes just for time travel. We would be better off using worm holes.

PlayStation3603937d ago

if they put these images in the PS3 music player.

ruibing3937d ago

A testament to the potential, reliability, performance, and value behind each single PS3. We are now just into year 2 of the ten year plan; I can't wait for the next 8.

hadouken0073937d ago

is this the screen saver?

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