13 Worst gaming innovations of all time

Gamesradar reports:

''During their short history, videogames have grown from static screens of beeps and blips to artistic dreamscapes. Flashy graphics and memorable characters would be nothing without crafty design innovations like ragdoll physics and branching storylines that make games what they are today. But how many times have you reluctantly put down your controller for an endless cutscene or muted that racist dipshit over Xbox Live? Countless, if you're like us.''

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VigorousApathy3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I especially agree about "playing" cutscenes. It's the opposite direction games should take. That's why it makes me so said that God of War sold so many more titles than Shadow of the Colossus which uses the exact opposite philosophy and has you press a button for every single action your character makes. This immerses you in the game, whereas pressing a button to make the cutscene/game go forward accomplishes the reverse.

Amanosenpai3848d ago

I disagree, GOW cutscene implementation is amazining.

VigorousApathy3848d ago

K have fun with your "interactive" movies I'll be playing video games.

IntelligentAj3848d ago

Nah, I actually liked the interactive cutscenes in GOW and the end result was always graphic and nice looking. I guess that means throw me some bananas.

LastDance3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

That list was just dumb. I dont even half agree.

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Jdash243848d ago

Didn't someone post this a couple of days ago?

I remember reading it on here a few days ago. Can't remember if it failed approval or not.

Wicked Sick3847d ago

And not only a couple of days ago.

Sorry to break it, but I smell leftovers here.

This has already been posted some time ago.


TetraNinja3848d ago

isnt this like...really old already?

LinuxGuru3848d ago

I highly disagree with their dislike of stealth.

Stealth games are some of the most rewarding and challenging games ever made, if done right.

But the one I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with is the destructible environment one.

I quote, from gamesradar:

"Perfect the feature or don’t advertise it."

That statement is so f\/cking true, I can't even twist it a different way to make the point stronger. The statement is perfect.


Games with half-assed destruction elements are just embarrassing to play.

If you don't agree with me, click the disagree and then speed onwards to whatever pathetic plans you have next in your day.

leon763848d ago

Ahahahahaha, exactly!!!!! But I wouldn't call it an innovation!!!!!

Phil Harrison Mklll3848d ago

Maybe a innovation how not to do a Console!:D :D ;D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Yup soooo true, all the 360 does is play games, and they are all GOTY games, how horrible. Thank god for my movies on the PS3, could you imagine it the PS3 actualy played games? I'm not taking the time out of watching Spiderman 3 for the 1000th time to play a game, no freaking way.

Qbanboi3848d ago

3.3 Playing Games? I thought you guys had the RROD all the time. I thought it came standard with the console.


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