Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories coming to 360?

Gameplayer analyse the quotes from Mad Doc Software studio head Ian Davis following the developer aquistition by RockStar Games. They suggest he is hinting at bringing two previously Sony only GTA games to other formats.

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Breakfast3847d ago

That would be crazy talk. All they would need to do is upscale it, and ill be happy. No graphics re-haul.

sonarus3847d ago

yea would be nice. Don't really care for GTA that much to go back and play them though. Quite satisfied with whatever GTA4 has to offer.

SlappingOysters3847d ago

It would seem like a no-brainer. Hey if they can do it with Bully why not the GTA games?

Rockstar act like they are a level above every other developer in the world, but they are not above milking a product for all it is worth.

ScottEFresh3847d ago

No wants that shi. We want GTA4 and anything else can go to hell.

Bathyj3847d ago

Maybe that's your extra content.

Richdad3847d ago

NOw 3 DLC instead of 2. Thats great.

leon763847d ago

LOL too, that was great!!!!!

PR0F3TA3847d ago

wow... a 3 year old game. no thanks. GTA4 is all i need

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The story is too old to be commented.