This Is Surely The Worst Possible Starting Position In Civilization V

Kotaku - So bad it hurts. Beginning with the troops scattered in the middle of nowhere is no way to build a successful empire. But, look on the bright side: The location is incredibly defensible against a land attack! And there are lots of crabs nearby.

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KillrateOmega2617d ago

Wow. So with impassable mountains on one side and crabs on all others, you're just stuck there?

Time to start a new game...

drsfinest722617d ago

Is this game fun like civ revolution ?

Lord_Sloth2617d ago

If all you've ever played in the series if Civ Rev you're in for a treat with Civ V. I started with Rev then jumped to 4 and was surprised by the sheer number of options they had cut out of Rev.

V dances circles around Rev and playing online with friends is just an unbeatable experience in any game.

Eldyraen2617d ago

Only problem with Rev to Civ is if you don't want an even more complicated system ;)

All of the Civ games are pretty crazy but there are enough difficulties, enemy number, map size, play speed, etc to allow for a wide variety of player types. Its just never going to be a truly simple affair. Custom game option can be intimidating at first though as so many options.

It is a blast though and can keep you up all night at times if not careful and has some of best replayability/value for money you can find.

drsfinest722617d ago

Thanks bubbles for you two