Gaming Age: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate Review

Gaming Age writes: "The original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles appeared some years ago on the GameCube and it was a mild success. It was a particularly fun game if you had the equipment needed to experience the multiplayer mode (in addition to the GameCube and the game each player required a GBA plus a link cable). The game sported nice visuals and one of the better soundtracks heard on the system, but its high cost of entry coupled with some gameplay flaws held the game back from critical acclaim. Luckily, the DS is perfectly suited for a game like this and Square Enix has taken another worthy stab at creating an action/RPG that's just as fun playing single player as it is with friends.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate (FFCC: RoF) features a robust single player experience and an equally capable and fun multiplayer mode for those who have friends with the game. Unfortunately each player must have a copy of the game, and even worse there is no Wi-Fi play, just trading of items. While it's certainly not a deal breaker, the lack of online play is disappointing and would have definitely been a welcome feature."

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desolationstorm4237d ago

I enjoyed the original though it was very hard to get four people over with the GBAs and everything.

PS360WII4237d ago

Yeah this is better than the first one. Square Enix is really getting what's what with the DS ^^