Game Vortex: Wild Arms XF Review

Game Vortex writes: "Strategy games, much like underwear, didn't used to worry about how they looked. It was all about function over form. The early strategy titles were basically glorified chess games on PC... by the time the genre got to consoles, we had sprites and motion, but things were still fairly static. The revelation contained in Starcraft or Heroes of Might and Magic was that strategy games could be exciting, with engrossing stories, and eye-candy to boot.

As the Strategy genre evolved on consoles, we saw some great titles like the Front Mission and Final Fantasy Tactics series. Advance Wars and Fire Emblem were two other notable titles. The original Wild Arms was a traditional RPG with cinematic flair. Much as Final Fantasy spawned its own strategic offshoot, Wild Arms now leaps into the fray with exactly the kind of turn-based strategy game you'd expect. The older games had a great deal of design attention and a distinctive look. They also had a fantasy/cowboy feel about them. Both have carried nicely into Wild Arms XF."

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