Sony says No to Wii Remote knock off

Sony's Scott Steinberg recently commented on the possibility of developing a Wii-remote clone for the PS2 or 3.

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PirateThom4238d ago

Sony said "no"... doesn't that confirm it's coming?! :P

PSWe604238d ago

I still want to try the boomerang

QuackPot4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Clearly there are some merits in the wii-mote/n-chuck combo - that being gamers become more involved with gameplay.

If Scott Steinberg thinks its a gimmick then he's an idiot.

This is the future of controllers.....or the way to go.

I can almost guarantee the xbox 720 will have an x-mote as Microsoft has a habit off copying and making improvements on things that work or have huge potential.

Then we'll watch Scott make a hasty retraction.

@ PirateThom

Yeah, based on past patterns, likely is

The Ps2 would be a great test-bed for a Play-mote. Then they can introduce it near the end of the cycle for the Ps3 and finally have it packaged for with the Ps4.

PirateThom4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Honestly, I hope they don't, the remote is the thing I hate most about the Wii.

Flailing arms is the new button mashing. I play games to sit and do as little as possible, not exercise.

Wii is a nice concept, but it ignores the fact I work all day, I lift weights and I run, and don't want to come home to relax by doing more exercise.

Like Singstar and Buzz and Eye, it should be an optional add on only with a specific brand attached to it.

QuackPot4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

People assume a Play-mote will copy exactly the Wii-mote.

Sony needs only to copy the proven good things, get rid of the bad, modify, adapt and produce something better - the process of deltanization - when they make the Play-mote.

The Play-mote should be essentially a normal controller split in two with rumble and sixaxis in each section. You should then be able to switch on/off the use of motion control: use the analogue sticks only - OR - motion control only - OR - a combination of both.

It's just that simple.

The Play-mote would be superfast for targeting in Shooters - as fast as a mouse. This is why the xbox 720 will likely develop an X-mote.

Chubear4238d ago

Ask yourself, would the PC, 360 or PS3 fanbase willingly give up their current mold of controllers for a wii-mote controller?

The resounding answer would be HELL NO by a vast majority.

The wii-mote is looked at as an incredible controller by mostly the wii fanbase cause if it was trully all that the fanbases of atleast the 360 & PS3 would be talkin alot about how Sony & MS NEEDs to develope a wii-mote type controller for their respective consoles and you won't catch insane gamers of these consoles even hinting at that to any serious significant degree.

QuackPot4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


You clearly dont

I'm a Ps360 gamer and have been a console gamer since the Ps1.

I've enjoyed Gears, Halo, Bioshock, RFOM, RB6, CoD4 etc using the traditional controller but have always been peeved on how slow it is to target using traditional analogue sticks - routinely resulting in moving to give me time to target. I've been looking at the Wii wishing my consoles had a similar controller for all these games for fast targeting through motion control.

It is obvious that a wii-mote controller would target alot faster than analogue sticks. If certain gamers don't want lightning fast targeting - because it's a kiddie wii clone or whatever - then those gamers are idiots.

Short of a controller that is a Light Gun for instant targeting, the wii-mote is obviously the future for at least look out for it for the xbox 720 and Ps4.


A gimmick is usually a unique feature that has limited usefulness. If you think that is so then obviously you don't have an open mind. There's one clear reason people buy wiis and its not the price - which isn't all that low anyway. It is the more involved gameplay .... resulting a more enjoyable experience.

Open up you mind to knew ideas and stop dwelling on the past glory days of gaming and the OLD WAY of doing things.

Mc Fadge4238d ago

Because the cross-hair twitches when you're holding it due to your hand shaking, which might even make it more inaccurate than with analog sticks.

I'm happy with the analog sticks, and if you want the precision of a mouse, plug one in :P

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arakouftaian4238d ago

buy new ones for my ps3 is they add a wiimote clone kind it will be verry smart and also for teh ps3 hey we all can dream...

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