One million signatures to end Uwe Boll's directing career

You'll never be able to get back those eight-and-a-half bucks you blew on your ticket for Uwe Boll's "Alone In The Dark", but those seeking revenge against the infamous German filmmaker will be pleased to know that a recent interview with FEARnet revealed a giant glowing weak point in his floundering directorial career -- amidst Nazi humor and PETA endorsements, Boll commented on a petition, currently at around 18,000 signatures, for him to forever put an end to his game franchise-defiling ways. It'll take more than that to derail his train of box office catastrophes, he claimed -- though one million signatures should do the trick.

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gamesR4fun4241d ago

needs to stop put your name to the list and end this hacks rampage now.

Palodios4240d ago

The dungeon siege movie was the last straw. Seriously, for that kind of budget, you can't make a movie that bad.

sonarus4240d ago

lol he isn't losing money so leave him alone. I don't see why everyone hates on Uwe Boll. He isn't the best director in the world so just look the other way and don't watch his crap

Storm234240d ago

We have a problem with his movies because they are games that we love and he destroys them. He needs to stop making game movies. I have no problem if he wants to make original movies so they have no impact on me but ruining movies about good franchises is not cool.

Chuck Norris4240d ago

Let's head over to his place and end his career prematurely.

KidMakeshift4240d ago

If Chuck Norris is for it, then so am I

Chuck Norris4240d ago

Quick, find out where he lives! This sorry SOB doesn't deserve to direct films.

Wicked Sick4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

If there are Owe Boll fanboys that will show up n0w and defend him and his movies to death!

CrazedFiend4240d ago

We have a problem because every movie he makes, while we don't have to watch them (I've only seen two, but already recognized that the limit of his talents probably peaked sometime in early junior high school), every game movie he makes is actually a block for that game to get a movie made by an actual talented director.

Every movie he has made to this point, you can cross off your list of having a GOOD movie ever made of that game. And I don't know if you've noticed, but this man sucks up game rights like a sponge.

I think Metal Gear may be safe now (though at one point he FALSELY claimed that he was contacted about making that one too), but what if he manages to get the rights to direct a GTA movie? Then you could pretty much guarantee that we'll NEVER have a decent GTA movie to go along with the game.

Sure we don't have to watch them, but some of these movies were probably movies that we would have WANTED to watch if they were made by an actual movie director.

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BilI Gates4240d ago

Just look at the guy he looks like a total retard.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

Warbletot4240d ago

You need some windscreen wipers for those specs Sir Bill...

Sorry Bill, I just can't help but follow you around and abuse you today.

PirateThom4240d ago

Uwe Boll's reign of terror will end when studio's stop giving him money to make films no one goes to see.

He should change his name or something, just to see what happens when the movie is released.

I laughed when Kojima said he wouldn't let Boll touch the Metal Gear Solid film.

CrazedFiend4240d ago

I disagree with you about how to stop Boll. He pretty much finances his own films (through German tax breaks and the such).

The way to stop this man is to educate the game producers. They are the ones who keep giving this hack the rights to their games. Every time I hear that he's gotten the rights to make another game movie, I think "Who the F would..." and then that quick he's got the rights to 3 more.

This petition should not be going out to Boll or even Hollywood. They should be going out to the game developers. They should all be given the "Uwe Boll Press Package By Gamers" and it should be mandatory for game producers to sit through the "Uwe Boll Movie Marathon".

Boll doesn't care and Hollywood is stupid. Believe me when I say this, that the ONLY way we can stop this man is to truly educate the people who have the power to look at Boll and say "NO".

Kojima is smart. We need more like him.

Skerj4240d ago

Just stop watching his movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.