MSNBC: 'Bioshock' creator picks his top 5 games

MSNBC writes: "Ken Levine is regarded as one of the most creative people in the game industry. He led the creation of the best-selling "Bioshock," one of 2007's most critically revered hits. But what does a creative guy play when he's not dreaming up his next game?

Here's Levine's list of his top 5 favorite games of all time. Have a look at his selections, in his own words:

5) 'Civilization IV' (Firaxis)

I love this game because it's entirely player driven and endlessly fascinating. Also the design simply refuses to get old, some fifteen years later."

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wow4u4479d ago

My top 5;

Halo Series

Silellak4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )


The world needs more squad-based strategy games with destructible environments and internet play.

NO_PUDding4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

His Top 5 shows you how unimaginative he is. Bioshock is as overrated as his Game Selection.

Beyond Good And EVil was innovative, and great, but how much money do i bet he player neither that nor Zelda. I would bet my student fees on it, but I already used them buying a night with the French bird from the Renault Clio advert.

tony4478d ago

i don't think you understood bioshock, if you even played it. bioshock is a masterpiece, simple as that.
and another thing, i don't think the legend of zelda is over rated, actually is a great game for its time.

m91058264478d ago

I personally thought Bioshock was meh. I couldn't even force myself to finish it. I chalk it up to hype. I was so pumped for it, i went out and bought the limited edition PC version on day 1, played it for about a day and a half, and found it to be far too easy, and a little bland on the story side. The AI wasn't what it was promised to be, and the only think I really liked were the graphics, which really stretch what UE3 is capable of, and the Big Daddies.

mariusmal4478d ago

oh X-COM. great franchise.

NO_PUDding4478d ago

Tony, maybe you define masterpieces by[and not to sound like a fanboy here, but the 360 is for shooters, and it's great at that] the most clever and yet still rather shallow game available on the 360.

Call of Duty 4 brought things to an insane new level, but even it isn't a masterpiece, it's forced cut scenes are shockingly comparable and it is very much heading in the right direction. People rant about Bioshocks's art style, but all they did was art deco, underwater, not even technical art direction was challenged. Art deco underwater just feel cliched, it goes hand in hand with unimaginative concept artists. Subtly abstract games are masterpieces, and just because you were forced to watch one cut scene it's a masterpiece?

No, Bioshock was a good game, a mastepiece it was not.

Skizelli4478d ago

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

All great sayings. I think this also applies to someone's definition of a masterpiece. If a game is perfect to the player through and through, then it has every right to be considered a masterpiece by that player. Especially in a sea of crappy games.

Art's really no different in that sense.

Richdad4478d ago

Way to write man, Yeah and Bioshock was good COD4 is like a game that can be copied and I assure you the copy could be better. But if you play Bioshock you have to explore its world and it looks real good yeah some character look like stone but the art direction and especially the light
tracing was better than HL2:EPS 2 yeah it looked better than it overall and there is a setting in 360 version that can push your fps to @60 with a little drop in visual fidelity.
It was told like a novel and there were parts that radio generated messages cause you to hate Mr. Ryan and cause you to hate rapture love it the final boss was a little bizzard but overall it was good but only low point is that it had some hard gameplay feautres I mean in finding objects thats why it was for hardcore gamers. But still man it was really good to run along rapture and you can free roam and it was really fun there were side quest in every level but you have to take attention.

poopface14478d ago

there arnt many FPS where you can do anything other than shoot and throw gernades. Bioshock was pretty good at everything and the many different abilities you can get added to the experience for me. I never played system shock 1 or 2, but after Deus Ex FPS just have seemed to get more and more simple. Deus ex 2 was craptastic(or average to most people), IN the age of mostly crap or average FPS bioshock was pretty Different and way above average. You cant say been there done this like with just about every other FPS like halo3 call of duty 4 and especially 5. Killing aliens or the army, or the army of aliens. Now thinking back, most of my favorit FPS have all stayed strictly in the First person view and the story unfolds infront of you. No cutscenes or level jumping around, just one area to the next with loading inbetween. Bioshock got the formula for a great FPS down, just look at the best FPS there have ever been. Most of them do something new that the first time player wont say "been here done this." It didnt have multiplayer but honestly most people would just play cod4 or any other multi, but I played Bioshock a few times through and never finished COD4 single player(played multi and never went back, probaly the best part of single player is the bombing part anyways).

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Wildarmsjecht4479d ago

If we're allowed series, then the final fantasy one hands down

But single titles

Wild Arms
Super Street Fighter 2
Metal Gear Solid

Bleucrunch4478d ago

Hmm Lets top 5 would be:

Metal Gear
Final Fantasy
Resident Evil
Street Fighter
Age of Empires

We cant leave this list to just five because there are soo many more I can add to this list.

Richdad4478d ago

I would say very selective list and Beyond Good and Evil was good but it didnt sold well. there should be HL2 there too. He made Bioshock a more like innovative shooter so.
My favourate are, I play near abt 5-6 games at one time:
1.)Resident Evil 4
2.) Half Life 2, EPS 2 (take it as whole Orange box)
3.) GOW2, NGB
4.) Gears
5.) Final Fantasy X or Bioshock (tie)

Cyrus3654479d ago

He seemed to be very PC influenced with most of his selections with the exception of A link to the past.

TheIneffableBob4479d ago

Well, he is a PC game developer.

Silellak4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

World of Warcraft? Boo! Boo, I say.

My personal All Time Top Five, in no particular order.

Ultima VII (both the original and Serpent Isle)
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 4
TIE Fighter (which really represents a lot of space sim games - Wing Commander, Free Space, etc. But TIE Fighter barely eeks them out.)

Damn, only five? Hardly seems enough...

Fux4Bux4479d ago

My top:
Halo:CE (Halo2/3 are garbage)
GTA series
Hearts of Iron 2
Total War series

I used to love Civilization too but they really need to change the basic gameplay of it. I want even more complicated and they're moving towards casual garbage.

NO_PUDding4478d ago

Mine are:

5 Assassins Creed
4 Abe's Odyssey
3 TES3: Morrowind
1 Shadow of the Colossus

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