First Mafia 2 preview

Main points:

1) There will be two main characters (Vito and Joe). Vito will be the only playable one but Joe is supposed to be important as well.

2) There will be no story connection between Mafia 1 and 2.

3) There will be extensive car damage. Says better then Burnout Paradise. It will have exploding fuel tanks.

4) You will visit the gas station for gas and to wash your car so it becomes shinny.

5) Money will be very important. New clothes will help if someone is after you. Food will make you stronger like in GTA San Andreas.

6) Cover system like in Gears of War.

7) Setting will be Empire City. Twice as big as City of Lost Heaven. It will resemble San Francisco

8) The lead platforms will be Ps3 and Xbox 360. Pc version may be few weeks or months later. But this may change.

9) Release date Spring/ Summer 2009.

10) The story starts before the end of WWII.

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Breakfast4237d ago

I really liked the first game. I hope it delivers.

BeaArthur4237d ago

I just want the cars to handle better. I understand it's trying to be historically accurate but anytime I had to drive somewhere I was pissed off before I even got in the car. Although, it was a great game and I can't wait for the sequel.

yesah4237d ago

lol i liked the godfather game, >.> im sure this will be much better.

Korosuke4237d ago

"Pc version may be few weeks or months later"


yesah4237d ago

hey in exchange the PC gets, Pirated games!!! yay!

jkhan4237d ago

I am looking forward to this game since I saw the e3 trailer.

RenegadeRocks4237d ago

This is what we are waiting for, not GTA.This is more mature audience who like Godfather, not kids who like rappers as in GTA.

bumnut4237d ago

the 1st one was great because you had to obey traffic laws, if you went through a red light the police would chase you.

you could then choose to pull over and pay the fine or try to get away.

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