DarkZero: Star Trek: Conquest Review

DarkZero writes: "When I heard this game was by Bethesda Softworks I got a tingle, something that I hadn't felt in years (no impotence jokes please). From the people who brought us titles like "Oblivion", I finally felt it was time for me to sample a Star Trek game done right. Sadly I am a closet Treky, I don't dress up, and I don't know Klingon, but I secretly wish I could, and wish I did. Turn based strategies aren't my medicine personally, I prefer to see the action unfolding in real time before my eyes, or more often than not with my inability to plan ahead, watch the battle unravel and spiral down into my own flailing defeat. But as I am writing this review, I currently have the games display case set on my knee, and as I am looking at the back cover searching for inspiration on things to be writing about it, I am filled with the urge to go and play it, which is relatively surprising to me."

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