Is AGP still a gaming force?

David Hollingworth is pleasantly surprised to find there's a new card on the market for the AGP crowd – that's good, because new stats confirm many gamers are still using AGP graphics.

As it turned out, it was more prevalent than even he was guessing. AGP users make up nearly bang on 30 per cent of the market, and that's a large segment for card makers to be ignoring.

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mariusmal4482d ago

yeah. i'm one of them. i still use agp and we have fewer options when buying a new card. and agp cards are more expensive.

m91058264482d ago

I think that people who are going to be upgrading their graphics card have already moved up to PCI-E, and the majority of remaining AGP users are people who use their computers solely for things like the Internet and word processing. Most people, just from personal experience, don't even know that you can upgrade individual computer parts, and if the need for a new graphics card arises, they just buy a whole new rig.

I Call 9MM4482d ago

Or they still have a top of the line (or near to it) AGP system. I'm sure that fraction, however, is in the minority.

Kakkoii4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

I have a AIW Radeon 9600PRO 128MB AGPx8 running on a Mobo with a 2.6ghz P4 and 2GB of RAM lol..

I'm aching to upgrading tho.. I'd really like to play the newest games on max settings and not low :(.

Waiting to see how the 9900GTX shapes out before I upgrade my mobo and graphics card. It's supposedly going to have over 1 billion transistors on it. 25% more then the 9800GTX.

I Call 9MM4481d ago

Kakkoii, yeah your PC seems to be pretty close to what mine started out with. Those old single core P4s just don't have the power anymore to run the newest games at the best frame rates. Even a bottom of the barrel Core 2 Duo (one of the e4000 series or so even, or even the new Pentium labelled Core series) could probably run circles around those old chips. Heck, I bet they beat out my 3.4Ghz Northwood no sweat.

When your hardware is at that stage, your probably better off just scrapping everything and starting fresh. Chances are your power supply doesn't have enough wattage on it anymore to even run the new graphics cards in the high end bracket, DDR-2 ram is cheap right now so attempting to save your DDR ram will be counterproductive (try find a core 2 duo motherboard that takes 4 sticks of DDR, unless your in europe or asia it won't happen, even then they aren't that popular). Nope, best to start fresh. You might save your case and DVD drive(s), but really that is about it. Believe me, I know.

Kakkoii4481d ago

I Call 9MM: Oh yeah I'm totally aware of that lol.

I tried building an imaginary system on Newegg. And it was very difficult unless I bought DDR3 or better.

Thing's I know I can salvage are.. DVD, HDD, SoundBlaster Live!

And I will need a new power supply for sure, cause the 9900 and up cards are going to need a lot of juice lol.

That's why i'm waiting for the next cards before I spend money on new parts.

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bumnut4482d ago

is that possible? its either bang on or not

I Call 9MM4482d ago

The only real problem with PC still running AGP is that the rest of their hardware is probably really starting to become old and archaic by today's standards. Even top of the line systems running AGP aren't exactly the greatest PC's anymore. More then likely, many AGP systems will bottleneck a new graphics card like this 3850, making the upgrade less worthwhile.

I know, I tried upgrading my PC to pcie awhile ago, but I couldn't find a motherboard, at the time, that would take a socket 478 P4 (3.4 ghz, so at the time it was still worth having, now not so much), but companies just weren't making these kinds of boards anymore. Couldn't even find one on ebay. So, I just folded my cards and bought myself an x1950 PRO in AGP flavor. But I wouldn't upgrade this system again. I know, even though I have higher end AGP parts, it wouldn't be worth it.

There are definately a few systems that would benefit out there, however. I'm sure the very best AGP sytems (those running higher end dual core P4s, and whatever highest chips AMD managed to fit in an AGP system) could probably benefit from this. And also, there have been some new motherboards out there that managed to give users access to a new Core 2 Duo CPU, but kept the old DDR-400 RAM and the AGP graphics card support. So, some people who are now looking to upgrade that graphics card will be able to benefit slightly. There have also been a few combo AGP/PCI-e motherboards out there, but they have crippled PCI-e ports, so using AGP would be better.

So, the top end AGP systems should be fine, but the lower end people should probably just upgrade their entire systems. Holding onto a PC for 5 years or more is long enough.

rawd4482d ago

What is the fastest AGP card right now?

I Call 9MM4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

I'm assuming it would be a card from the HD 3850 series. The best AGP cards I can think of other then that are as follows

x850 XT and XT Platinum (old, shader model 2.0 only)
x1950 GT
x1950 PRO (256 and 512 mb versions)
x1950 XT (gecube only, 256 mb ram, rare)
7900 GS by gainword (full 7900 GPU core, uncrippled, best one but only 1500 made, so good luck getting one)
maybe some 7800s from NVIDIA.

Lots of other AGP cards available, but they are just low and mid range parts.

The HD 3850 seems like a lot of bang for your buck. It's a decent card. Not the most powerful right now (compared to PCI-E alternatives), but it does well. It would probably be the best AGP card you could get, I'm sure. Nvidia should also attempt to bring a 9000 series to AGP, something like the 8800 GT core.

Problem is, most people who have these AGP systems don't have enough power in they're power supplies to actually power these cards. By the time you start upgrading to a new powersupply and attempting to find an AGP card that has enough strength to it, you could sell off your other parts and invest in a decent, newer setup with more power to it then anything from the AGP generation, except maybe the top, top of the line parts, maybe.

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