Destructoid Review: Opoona

Opoona is a weird, action RPG for the Nintendo Wii. It has got some good reviews, and looks to be an overall good game. Click over to check out what Destructoid thought of it, and what they rated the game.

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Brian52473846d ago

This game is an abortion. Who in their right mind would play it?

PS360WII3845d ago

Yeah this game gets very mixed reviews. I hear it's decent everything but really bad maps. Could be interesting but I haven't picked it up yet.

KeenanTheSavage3845d ago

Yeah, I just got to play it today, and the gameplay is really fun, the maps aren't terrible, but they just aren't the best. I'd say give it a shot. ;)

PS360WII3845d ago

ah cool thanks for the heads up. I'm a big RPG fan so the more the marrier :)